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Maura Andreoni

Maura Andreoni (Genova, Italy 1962), translator and interpreter in Russian, German, French and English. She received a second First Master’s degree in Ancient History at the University of Bologna, in 2009. Her historical researches mainly focus on the relationship between humans and nature in the ancient word, with particular attention to birds and their significance in Antiquity. To her credit in this sector is the participation in various excavation campaigns, conferences and study days and the regular collaboration with different Italian and foreign magazines, both discursive and scientific.


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Byssus, Secrets of a Shining Sea Silk Loved by Ancient Cultures

Byssus, Secrets of a Shining Sea Silk Loved by Ancient Cultures

Byssus is an extremely fine, rare, and valuable fabric of animal origin. It is a sort of natural silk with golden and sparkling reflections that is obtained from the filaments secreted by a large...
The stork has been a bird of legends through the centuries.	Source: Serghei Velusceac / Adobe Stock

How Stork Legends, Myths and Omens Set Their Place in History

Contrary to what is happening today, humans of the past had close relationships to nature and wild animals. These bonds did not concern only utilitarian aspects, but also involved the sphere of the...
Marble statue of Asclepius (Deriv.) (Zde/CC BY SA 4.0) Background: Glass panel of three fish found at the house of the ancient surgeon Eutyches. (Rimini Archaeological Museum)

The Surgeon Eutyches: His Instruments, His Gods

Eutyches was a homo bonus - a good man - and evidently a good surgeon . His name was engraved, probably by a grateful patient, on the wall of the cubiculum where patients were kept under observation...
Grey wolf.   Source: Jon Anders Wiken /Adobe Stock

Lupus In Fabula: The Wolf In The Story

Lupus in fabula or perhaps more accurately in historia , given that historically the figure of the wolf is not marginal at all. The undisputed symbol of the forest, the wolf has always been strongly...
Flamingoes have been admired throughout history.   Source: CC BY 2.5

The Ancient Admiration of Birds: Flamingos as Masterpieces of Art and Food

In the ancient past, relationships between humans and animals were stricter than today and included the sphere of the imaginary and the sacred. Investigations on how the ancients approached different...