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A Sultan of the Ottoman Empire having a feast. Source: AI generated.

How a Sultan of the Ottoman Empire Dined (Video)

Ottoman sultans , including the illustrious Suleiman the Magnificent, held a profound appreciation for culinary extravagance. The kitchens of the Topkapi Palace , during the 16th century, teemed with...
The oldest evidence of Southeast Asian curry has been found in southern Vietnam. Source: Adobe Stock / Jasmina

Oldest Evidence of Southeast Asian Curry Found in Vietnam

The ancient spice trade across the famed overland and then maritime Silk Route (Road) has been studied in great detail, but the finer intricacies of organic material have oft been overlooked for lack...
Representational image of a sunken shipwreck. Source: bayazed / Adobe Stock. Inset: Saffron, peppercorns, and almonds found aboard the Gribshunden ship. Credit: Larsson, M. and Foley, B.

Tasty Treasures: 3,000 Plants, Spices, and Fruits Found on 15th Century Norse Shipwreck

A remarkable discovery has been made by archaeologists of preserved plants, spices, and fruit aboard a sunken Norse ship from the 15th century. The ship, named Gribshunden , had belonged to King Hans...
Allegorical portrait of an elderly Elizabeth I, who is said to have suffered the effects of poor dental hygiene and black teeth. Source: Public domain

Queen Elizabeth I Had Beggarly Black Teeth

Queen Elizabeth I of England was particularly fond of sugar. This was a time of great conquests and explorations to the New World for the royal houses of Europe, accompanied by expanding trade and...
Composite image cloves layered over map representing the Magellan-Elcano expedition in the Nao Victoria. Source: Benjamin LEFEBVRE / Adobe Stock & Public domain

The First Circumnavigation of the World Happened by Accident, Not Design

In 2022 Spain went all out to celebrate the quincentennial of the arrival of the so-called ‘Spice Route Armada’ which reached Spain on September 6th, 1522, after completing the first recorded...
Ground nutmeg, used through history as powerful drug. Source: oksix / Adobe Stock

Nutmeg Poisoning: A Deadly Addition to the Kitchen Cabinet?

A low-cost, high-risk drug hiding in plain sight – in your kitchen cabinet! This is a highly aromatic spice that can change the trajectory of your food, and is sometimes used as a healing agent in...
Ancient wine and amphorae. Source:  Luka / Adobe Stock. Inset: Vanilla bean. Source: Shawn Hempel / Adobe Stock

Judean Elites Sipped Vanilla Wine 2,600 Years Ago

Researchers analyzing several broken wine jars taken from an archaeological site in Jerusalem discovered something surprising about the alcohol consumption of elites in the 6th-century-BC Kingdom of...
Mediterranean Cultures Imported Asian Exotic Foods Before 1700 BC

Mediterranean Cultures Imported Asian Exotic Foods Before 1700 BC

The remains of exotic foods, spices and oils discovered on the calculus of ancient teeth discovered around the Mediterranean have been analyzed revealing new insights into the ancient Bronze Age food...
A Maya lord forbids an individual from touching a container of chocolate

The Ancient History of Chocolate, Gift of the Gods

In today’s society, chocolate is a popular treat, and comes in many forms, including blocks, paste and powder. Several centuries ago, however, chocolate was considered a luxury item, and came only in...