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South pacific

Earth structures were being constructed on Tongatapu around AD 300. Source: Phillip Parton/ANU

Oldest City Found on a Pacific Island Was Constructed in 300 AD in Tonga

With the assistance of data obtained in 2011 with advanced laser scanning technology, archaeologists have been able to identify the remains of a 1,700-year-old lost city on the island of Tongatapu in...
Fijian oral tradition records that this hole was made when a spear was thrown by one god at the other, on the north coast of eastern Kadavu.	Source: Author Supplied/The Conversation

A Volcano Eruption Changed Lives in Fiji 2,500-years-ago. 100 Generations Have Kept the Story Alive

Patrick D. Nunn /The Conversation Can you imagine a scientist who could neither read nor write, who spoke their wisdom in riddles, in tales of fantastic beings flying through the sky, fighting each...
Tongan warriors or Tongan athletes getting ready to play kasivaki underwater rugby in Tonga.		Source: Tonga Rugby Union

Kasivaki: An Ancient Tongan Game That Was More Than Underwater Rugby

When most people think of the sport rugby, Tonga is not at the top of the list of competitors. But the island nation of the south Pacific appears to have had its own ancient version of the game with...
Tahitian warrior dugouts, by Giulio Ferrario. (1827) (Public Domain)

Pre-Historic Island Hopping ‘Hobbits’ in the South Pacific

Although New Zealand and the Philippines are separated by more than 5,000 miles (8,000 km), the stories of how people first migrated to them, and how those stories were treated by scholars, show...
One of many star mounds now revealed on American Samoa.            Source: Tagata Pasifika / Youtube Screenshot

Samoan Star Mounds Baffle Archaeologists

Detection of scores of ancient ‘Star Mounds’ baffle archaeologists on Samoa. Samoa is in the South Pacific Ocean, and it has a tropical climate with thick rain forests and almost impassable volcanic...
Palmerston Island part of the Cook Islands.

Populating Palmerston Island: One Man, Three Wives and A Desert Island Paradise

Palmerston Island is part of the Cook Islands in the South Pacific Ocean. This island is one of the six main islands located on a coral atoll and is the only one that is inhabited. Palmerston Island...
Pulemelei Mound

The Perplexing Purpose of the Gigantic Pulemelei ‘Pyramid’ Mound of Samoa

One of the most important archaeological sites in Polynesia is the Pulemelei mound - the largest ancient monumental structure, not only in Samoa, but in the South Pacific. This monument, commonly...
Ruins of Talietumu fort on ʻUvea.

Talietumu Fort, Wallis and Futuna: The Fortress for a King Whose Feet Could Never Touch the Ground

The islands of the South Pacific are best known as tropical paradises and many of them also have long histories and fascinating cultures. Talietumu is an archaeological site in the Polynesian islands...