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Aerial view of Sigiriya, Lion Rock, Sri Lanka. Source: Anton Petrus / Adobe Stock.

The Ancient Rock City of Sigiriya: Fit for a King and Built by the Gods

Rising majestically 650 feet (200m) above the Sri Lankan landscape, Sigiriya is an ancient city built on a megalithic rock that has puzzled visitors for centuries. This remote wonder, located in the...
Bird flying over Sigiriya / Lion Rock in Sri Lanka.         Source: Givaga / Adobe stock

How Sigiriya’s Ancient Connections Question Dogmatic World History

Sigiriya - literally translating to ‘Lion Rock’, pales in comparison to its famed Egyptian counterpart - not through a lack of sheer, grandiose scale, it is by no means unimpressive in either size or...
Ten Cities from the Ancient World

Ten Amazing Cities from the Ancient World

From cities that lay hidden for millennia under desert sands, to Bronze Age metropolises, jungle cities, and entire complexes constructed on coral reefs, giant rocks, underground caverns, or carved...