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AI image of Roman senators deliberating in the Senate chamber, illustrating the political life of the Roman Republic. Source: Sebastian/Adobe Stock

The Five Greatest Ancient Roman Politicians (Video)

The Roman Republic , a crucible of political innovation, incubated the brilliance of figures whose legacies endure through the annals of history. Among these luminaries, Cicero stands as a colossus...
The Gracchi, by Jean-Baptiste Claude Eugène Guillaume (19th century). Musée d’Orsay, Paris. Source: Mary Harrsch/ CC BY NC-SA 2.0

The Gracchi: How Two Brothers Altered the Course of Roman Politics

The Late Republic was in ruins. Civil war was common. Violence broke out between political factions. Bloody slave revolts erupted. As Rome’s old republican institutions imploded, the Republic began...
Roman Empire in its splendor. Source: Artcuboy/Adobe Stock

The Roman Empire: A Story of Power, Glory, and Tragedy

For centuries, the Roman Empire stood as a formidable superpower, spanning vast territories, and leaving an indelible mark on Western civilization. The Roman Empire was a powerhouse of innovation,...
The Forum, Roman ruins      Source: sborisov / Adobe Stock

The Forum: Epicenter of the Mighty Roman Empire

Italy takes pride in its long history and is home to some of the most famous architectural monuments, as well as archaeological locations. The Roman Forum was the heart, not only of the city, but...
Romulus' Victory Over Acron’ (1812) by Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres. Romulus was the first Roman king.

The Seven Kings of Rome: Tumultuous Origins of the Roman Republic

In the beginning, there was only dirt and mud and twigs. Then came the legendary hero Aeneas, and from him descended the sons of Rhea Silva and Mars, the god of war. These sons were Romulus and Remus...
Patrician Ladies with Plebeian Slave in background.

The Patricians and the Plebeians: A Very Roman Social Struggle

During the time of the Roman Kingdom and the Roman Republic, Roman society was divided between two important classes – the patricians and the plebeians. Originally, the patricians were part of the...
‘Lucretia’ by Lucas Cranach the Elder. Lucretia’s suicide is a well-known example of suicide in ancient Rome.

Petitioning for Death: Did Ancient Romans Really Ask for Permission to Commit Suicide?

Cases of suicide are known to have occurred in ancient Rome, as they have been recorded by ancient writers. But there are many questions surrounding this subject that have yet to be fully answered. A...
The Nave of one of the salvaged Nemi Ships, Milan Museum of Science and Technology

The Search Is On For Caligula’s Orgy Boats Where His Twisted Fantasies May Have Been Played Out

Caligula ruled as Roman Emperor for just four years from 37 to 41 AD, but tales of the cruelties issuing from his diseased mind have made him one of the most famous ancient Romans. Some of the mad...