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  1. An Extraordinary Discovery: A Giant’s Ring of the Inca Era?

    ... reigned, there were in those parts men in the manner of giants, as grown as they showed the figures that were ... Andean highlands. Near the sacred site of Ollantaytambo (about 90 km northwest of Cuzco, the capital city of the ... of the continent. Thus, the “giants” are part of the writings of Américo Vespucio, Bernal Díaz del Castillo, ...

    Rafael Videla Eissmann - 02/02/2023 - 21:51

  2. The Relic of Bir Hooker & The Giants of the Past - Part 2

    ... the giant  mummified finger , Spörri did not speak much about what he had seen. The times when he did speak about it ... research into the possibility of the existence of  giants  in ancient times. He studied  sacred texts  like ... the  Torah  (Talmud), the  Koran , and many other writings containing tales and mythologies. He was surprised ...

    annemieke - 13/12/2023 - 13:32

  3. Top Ten Giant Discoveries in North America

    ... over what is now the U.S. are traditions of these ancient giants. Over 1000 accounts of seven-foot and taller skeletons ... Annual Report of 1873, (an average human skull is about 20 inches in circumference). The Smithsonian ... stories from remote times. One example can be found in the writings of Tuscarora Indian David Cusick in his book Six ...

    Hugh Newman - 12/02/2022 - 00:35

  4. The Anasazi and Anakim: Nephilim Ruins and Evidence of Ritual Murder

    ... of Paiute Chief Winnemucca, Sarah Winnemucca Hopkins wrote about who her people called the Si-Te-Cah in her book Life ... the Si-Te-Cah, were a race of red-haired, cannibalistic giants who the Paiutes exterminated long ago. Who were the ... and Herodotus, for example, attest to this in their writings. However, it must be stated that Greece, Rome, and ...

    Mark A. Carpenter - 17/11/2020 - 22:04

  5. Is There Any Truth to Legends of Mighty Cyclopes from Greek Mythology?

    ... legends. The mighty Cyclopes were members of a race of giants and have been the subject of damning character ... recognized by name. ( Public domain ) Ancient Tales About Cyclopes: What is a Cyclops? There is no convincing ... Hesiod  and  Homer . The portrayal that came from their writings affected later texts. Hesiod wrote  Theogony ...

    Natalia Klimczak - 03/09/2022 - 02:00

  6. What is the Real Celtic Creation Myth?

    ... ( The Commons ) Who were the Celts? When one thinks about the Celtic people, one imagines painted warriors and ... much of what we know comes from archaeological evidence. Writings from Greece and Rome shed some light into the life ... sea. The bark was transformed by the sea and became the giants of the deep. Cernunnos was lonely and he saw the ...

    Khadija Tauseef - 01/03/2022 - 22:00

  7. The Importance of Questioning History: From Malta to the Dead Sea Scrolls

    ...                    The Maltese archipelago lies about 90km to the south of the south-eastern tip of Sicily to ... a Maltese prehistoric temple site” (Reedjik, p.49). Did Giants Exists? If discussion of a Paleolithic has become the ... Sciences, 722, 1-38 Dupont-Sommer, A. (1961), The Essene writings from Qumran. Translation by G Vermez, Oxford:  ...

    Gloria Moss - 30/01/2020 - 14:20

  8. The Legendary Kraken: The Real Animal Behind the Monster

    ... that a real animal exists behind these scary legends? Writings about the Kraken The Kraken is first mentioned in the ... the Kraken. Around that time (circa 1250), another report about the Kraken was documented in the Norwegian scientific ...

    bill - 10/06/2020 - 21:32

  9. Anunnaki Revealed: Who Were These Beings of Ancient Astronaut Theory? – Part I

    ... Mesopotamians. Fueling this ever-growing trend are the writings of a number of researchers who propose connections ... Domain ) But what does the cuneiform corpus actually say about the Anunnaki and other mythic beings? How does the ... them”, a union which resulted in the birth of “great giants”. These giants eventually “consumed all the ...

    Jason Jarrell - 21/05/2021 - 01:52

  10. Charles Fort: Pioneer in the Search for Scientific Anomalies or Anti-dogmatist who Collected Bizarre Stories?

    ... unclassified document of Oppenheim and Einstein Fort’s Writings For the next couple of years, Fort lived in the ... doing his research in the New York Public Library, he read about a whole range of subjects, including science, art, ... The Establishment Has Already Acknowledged A Lost Race of Giants - Part 1 DNA Evidence Suggests Captured Russian Ape ...

    dhwty - 25/03/2016 - 13:50

  11. Legends of Mount Shasta: “The Abode of the Devil” Part I – The Legend of J.C. Brown

    ... American legends speak of a fallen race of prehistoric giants who once inhabited the Pacific Coast of North America. ... that something may be buried underneath it, and set about clearing the away the rubble. Hidden beneath the ... neatly inscribed with strange hieroglyphics and cuneiform writings. Unusual tempered-copper spears fashioned out of a ...

    D.W. Naef - 06/10/2016 - 21:37

  12. Did David Really Kill Goliath? Challenging the Story of the Valley of Elah — Part I

    ... Details before and during the battle are silent in ancient writings. However, there are two possibilities as to how it ... Giant Footprint of Pingyan: Giant Made or Man Made? WATCH: Giants On Record: Anomalous Skeletons in the Academic ...

    Cam Rea - 07/08/2017 - 15:28

  13. Who Were the Jutes? The Mysterious Tribe Who Settled In Britain

    ... Scotland and Ireland are quite unique. But what do we know about the Germanic tribes that make up the bulk of the ... It is likely that their original name “Yt” refers to giants, which was a possible nod to their great stature. Of ... Bede are very important in the study of Jutes. His writings help us understand that the Jutes – even centuries ...

    Aleksa Vučković - 21/09/2021 - 18:54

  14. The Anunnaki Chronicles: A Zecharia Sitchin Reader

    ... What if the tales from the Old Testament and other ancient writings, such as those from Sumer, Babylon, Egypt, and ... research, showed that they revealed a coherent narrative about the true origins of humanity and civilization. Drawing ... well as the article that spurred the writing of There Were Giants Upon the Earth. Each piece includes an introduction by ...

    ancient-origins - 01/04/2016 - 01:46

  15. Origin Myths of the Inca Civilization & Piecing Together Royal Heritage

    ... from its inception to the destruction by the Spanish in about 1532 AD. Inca terraces at P'isaq. (Public Domain) ... creator God Viracocha, who had previously made a race of giants, but they were stupid and cumbersome, so he destroyed ... in this article. To complicate matters even more, the writings of Fernando de Montesinos adds another wrinkle to ...

    Brien Foerster - 10/10/2017 - 18:50

  16. A Digit of Devotion: Buddha's Finger Bone

    ... emperor, with the hope that its presence would bring about better health. Given that the Emperor is thought to ... dedicated his life to studying and growing Buddhism. His writings and teachings emphasized the concept of ... worldwide. The Relic of Bir Hooker Proof of a Race of Giants? - Part 1 The White Horse Temple: China’s Very First ...

    Roisin Everard - 03/09/2023 - 18:56

  17. Origins

    ... point… he shut me up. This was the beginning of my doubt about the entire ‘story’ I was being indoctrinated to ... they ‘Kept the Law’?  The ‘Nephilim’ in Hebraic writings are called ‘Giants’.  Such a description may not have referred to ...

    William E. Shaw - 11/12/2016 - 23:42

  18. Parallel Twin Ziggurats: The Tower of Babel and Pyramid of Cholula

    ... ziggurat came from Herodotus who described it in his writings from the mid-fifth century BC, he wrote: The center ... by a path which winds round all the towers. When one is about half-way up, one finds a resting-place and seats, where ... sacred sites of pilgrimage) the Quinametzin were a race of giants who inhabited the region in the previous “Sun of ...

    Mark A. Carpenter - 13/02/2021 - 21:42

  19. The Three Distinct Scripts of Knossos: An Unfinished Epic

    ... B. The former developed around 1700 BC, whilst the latter about 250 years later. Additionally, Linear A and Cretan ... far short of providing the drama that the Greek literary giants like Homer or Sophocles could, as they seem to have ...

    dhwty - 23/06/2017 - 02:00

  20. The Erlking: The Powerful Germanic Mythical Snatcher of Children

    ... published a long poem titled the “Erlkönig.” A story about a child snatched away and killed by a supernatural ... They lie in a time when ghouls and ghosts were gods and giants, and the world was set to the pace of age-old ... names and was often known by nicknames. In the writings of the twelfth century writer Walter Map (circa ...

    Aleksa Vučković - 30/12/2021 - 22:00