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Kangyu era jewelry found in Kazakhstan.

2,000-year-old Jewelry and Mirror from Enigmatic Kangyu Culture Found

Archaeologists in Kazakhstan have unearthed significant historical artifacts from three burial mounds in the Tolebaitobe cemetery, Turkestan region. Among these finds is a remarkable bronze mirror...
The excavated burial of Offord Cluny 203645. DNA has revealed he was a Sarmatian immigrant to Britain. Source: MOLA Headland Industry

Offord Cluny 203645: DNA Reveals Only Sarmatian Remains Known in Britain

After completing a DNA analysis of the remains of an individual who was buried near the village of Offord Cluny in Cambridgeshire, England in the second century AD, a team of scientists discovered...
Rainbow over Sophievsky Cathedral in Kiev, Ukraine (panaramka / Adobe Stock)

Triumph, Rebellion And The Ancient History Of Ukraine

Ukraine has always been a complicated place, with one foot in the West and the other in the East, resulting in a unique tension as a constantly contested borderland, a battleground, pitting the...
The Sarmatians and Scythians were skillful at horseback warfare and fierce adversaries of the Romans and Greeks alike

The Fierce Warriors of the Steppes: Who Were the Sarmatians?

The world of classical antiquity was filled with various tribes, cultures, and diverse peoples that dictated the unfolding events that shaped the world as we know it today. New and emerging cultures...
Skeleton of Sarmatian warrior discovered near Krasnodar, Russia.     Source: Russian Highways

Ancient Sarmatian Warrior Unearthed During Russian Road Works

The body of an ancient Sarmatian warrior has been unearthed in an early Iron Age burial mound along the planned route of the Far Western Bypass of Krasnodar on the M-4 Don highway in Russia...
Burial Number 12 at Bogomolny, warrior with evidence of brain surgery by trepanning in skull. Inset, close up of trepanned skull

Remains Show Brain Surgery Not Battle Killed This Sarmatian Warrior 1,800 Years Ago

Archaeologists in Russia have found the grave of a warrior who did not die directly of his battle wounds but as a result of a failed surgical procedure performed on his skull. Near him was found a...
The Amazons were a tribe of warrior women. (Atelier Sommerland / Adobe Stock).

The Amazons: The Real Female Fighters Dispelling Myth & Legend

Famous ancient Greek historian Herodotus once wrote of the Amazons - or as he called them Oier Pata (‘Killers of Men’) – a tribe of fierce warrior women. Though in today’s world, the name ‘Amazon’ is...
 Skeleton found at the Nikolyskoye nomad burial site

Farmer Unearths Elite Nomad Burials and ‘Laughing Man’ Elongated Skull

In Southern Russia, an elite nomad burial site has been unearthed. While working on his lands, a farmer stumbled across burials that appear to have belonged to a nomadic culture. Archaeologists have...
The remains of the toddler with an elongated skull in Crimea. Credit: Archaeology Fund

2,000-Year-Old Toddler Skeleton with Elongated Skull Unearthed in Crimea

The remains of a 1.5-year-old boy with a pronounced elongation of the skull have been found by archaeologists at a 2,000-year-old burial site in Crimea. Russian archaeologists say that the skull...
This gold vial may have contained incense. Its contents, which were fossilized, will be analyzed.

Priceless treasure hoard found in 1st century grave of Sarmatian woman in Russia

Archaeologists doing exploratory digging for an airport in Russia have found the grave of an apparent noblewoman with very valuable items, including a sword and knives, gold and silver jewelry,...
 Ancient Treasures at Russian Burial Site

Archaeologists Discover Ancient Treasures at Russian Burial Site

Archaeologists have uncovered the tomb of a noble woman from a powerful tribe called the Sarmatians, Iranian people that roamed the Eurasian steppes 2,500 years ago in southern Russia. While most...