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Roman soldier

Remains of a man killed by Vesuvius eruption. Source: YouTube Screenshot / Smithsonian Channel.

How One Man Stood His Ground Against Mt. Vesuvius (Video)

In the shadow of the looming Mt. Vesuvius, amidst the chaos and impending doom, one lone figure defied the overwhelming odds . This individual, clad in a soldier's uniform, displayed remarkable...
Roman guards. Source: Martin / Adobe Stock.

Could You Survive as A Roman Soldier On Hadrian’s Wall? (Video)

Hadrian's Wall, a monumental fortification stretching 73 miles across second-century Britain, served as the northern limit of the Roman Empire. Defending the wall were approximately 9,000 auxiliary...
Roman soldier in training. Source: irontrybex / Adobe Stock.

From Citizen to Soldier: Inside the Roman Army’s Basic Training (Video)

The Roman Army was one of the greatest fighting forces the world has ever seen. It was an army defined by the discipline , strength and skill of its soldiers. But how did the Romans whip new recruits...
The new research revealed that the giant snails were cooked on hot embers by hunter-gatherers in southern Africa thousands of years ago. (Gorodenkoff / Adobe Stock)

Vigilant and Ready: Life as a Roman Frontier Watchman (Video)

The Roman frontier was a dangerous place, and the soldiers who manned the Roman Limes (a network of forts , walls and outposts ) along the Rhine frontier had a crucial role to play in keeping the...
An ancient cooper fish hook used to hunt sharks was found on Israeli coasts. Source: Israel Antiquities Authority

The Final Journey: What Happened When a Roman Soldier Died? (Video)

The Roman Empire was built on the backs of its soldiers , who marched and fought tirelessly to expand its borders and fend off its enemies . But what happened when a Roman soldier died? How did the...
Roman soldier. Source: S... / Adobe Stock/Insert Button Play Video by Dehweh

A Guide to Joining the Roman Army (Video)

The world of ancient Rome was one of great conquests , military might, and glory. Joining the Roman Army was a privilege and an honor that only the most courageous and qualified men could achieve. To...
Craco, Italy

Craco: The Abandoned Medieval Ghost Town of Italy

For nearly fifty years, the town of Craco in southern Italy has stood uninhabited. Here, dark windows look out at potential travelers like empty eye sockets and the streets and buildings of this...
Volcano-blasted Herculaneum Roman Soldier Tells His Ancient Secrets

Volcano-blasted Herculaneum Roman Soldier Tells His Ancient Secrets

Archaeologists in Italy are studying the remains of a Roman soldier who was thrust face-first into the sand at Herculaneum when Mount Vesuvius erupted on October 24th 79 AD. The presence of this...
Ancient Pay Slip Shows That This Roman Soldier Slaughtered for Nothing

Ancient Pay Slip Shows That This Roman Soldier Slaughtered for Nothing

An ancient pay slip details how a Roman soldier had partaken in a battle that ended up with the mass suicide of hundreds of innocent Jews. But what is the interesting fact that comes out of this...