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Roman law

Numa Pompilius giving the Laws to the Romans.  Source: Public Domain

Numa Pompilius: The Legendary Second King of Rome

Every great kingdom and empire have to start somewhere, right? One of history’s greatest realms was the Roman Empire, but even so, it began as a struggling city-state, supposedly led by kings. But...
Detail of Tapestry Depicting the Marriage of Contantine I and Fausta by Peter Paul Rubens 1623-1625. Source: Mary Harrsch /CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

The Law that Led to Roman Honor Killings, and Other Extreme Roman Marriage Laws

A common theme in the news today is how it is becoming increasingly common for the younger generations to snub the tradition of getting married and having children. This has led to scare stories...
Modern-day legislation has been heavily influenced by Roman law. Source: Anneke / Adobe Stock

Roman Law and Its Lasting Influence On the Legal System of Europe

During the creation of the mighty Roman Empire, between 753 BC and 1453 AD, the Romans not only created the political institutions of Roman governance, but they also set up a series of legal...
A 1593 edition of the Corpus Juris Civilis.

Corpus Juris Civilis Law: Created by a Byzantine Emperor and Still Relevant in Courts Over 1,500 Years Later

By the time of Byzantine Emperor Justinian’s reign in the 6th century AD, the Western Roman Empire was kaput, lost to waves of Germanic invaders from the North. Justinian was determined to recapture...
Roman citizens enjoyed many privileges. “The Consummation The Course of the Empire” by  Cole Thomas

In a World Without Technology, How Did a Roman Citizen Identify Himself?

In ancient Rome, ID-cards, passports and other modern forms of identification did not exist. How could a Roman citizen identify himself in a world without pictures, computers or biometrics? Ancient...