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From a very early age I had this interest in the subject of history, and as I grew older this interest in the past deepened. I was fortunate to be able to visit lands such as Egypt, Greece and Rome to explore and view the temples and cities that they built and lived in. When I moved from the City of Oxford north, I founded the Roman Living History Society, The Antonine Guard, as it was my aim to bring this part of history in the north alive. During this journey I have attended classes both at the British Museum in London and Oxford. In my travels I have met many people and while in Alexandria in Egypt I had a personal tour of the museum there, as the then curator had also studied at Oxford. My late father served in the Royal Navy so this also kindled an interest in the maritime ships of the past. I also served in the British Army in the Corps of the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers.

My recent book, The Romans and The Antonine Wall of Scotland’ is now available from Amazon .


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Modern-day legislation has been heavily influenced by Roman law. Source: Anneke / Adobe Stock

Roman Law and Its Lasting Influence On the Legal System of Europe

During the creation of the mighty Roman Empire, between 753 BC and 1453 AD, the Romans not only created the political institutions of Roman governance, but they also set up a series of legal...
Aquincum: Exploring the Ancient Roman City Under Modern-Day Budapest

Aquincum: Exploring the Ancient Roman City Under Modern-day Budapest

The ancient Roman city of Aquincum, now located under Budapest in Hungary, was once the capital of Pannonia on the northeastern border of the Roman Empire. From its strategic location on the banks of...
Rome’s African Emperor: Septimius Severus and the Scottish Invasion

Rome’s African Emperor: Septimius Severus and the Scottish Invasion

The Libyan-born Septimius Severus has gone down in history as the first African Emperor of Rome . With a thirst for power, he ruled the Roman Empire almost 2,000 years ago, declaring himself Emperor...
What was daily life like in ancient Rome?

Dawn to Dusk: The Highs and Lows of Daily Life in Ancient Rome

Living in the Mediterranean, daily life in ancient Rome revolved around the climate. Unlike the more northern Europeans of the past and today, the ancient Romans started their days early in the...
Classis Ravennas and the Defense of the Roman Empire

Classis Ravennas and the Defense of the Roman Empire

For almost 500 years, Classe was an important Roman seaport right up until the early Middle Ages. Protected by surrounding marshes, Classe was well placed for patrolling the Adriatic Sea , but the...
‘The Roman Festivals of the Colosseum’ by Pablo Salinas shows people of different Roman social classes. Source: Public Domain

The Strict Rules Dividing Ancient Roman Social Classes

Ancient Rome was both a class-conscious state as well as strictly hierarchical. However, this did not rule out the opportunity for people to move between ancient Roman social classes. Before the 2nd...
Roman Bridge Pont du Gard in France. Credit: JackF / Adobe Stock

6 Ways Roman Engineers Were Way Ahead of Their Time

Ancient Roman engineers were able to construct many different kinds of remarkable structures which have stood the test to time. In many places around the world we can still see and admire their...
Mithras and the bull, fresco from Temple of Mithras, Marino, Italy, dated 2nd century AD.    Source: Public Domain

Mithras, the Persian God Championed by the Roman Army

Mithras the god originated in the east, in Persia (modern day Iran) where he was first worshipped. When soldiers of the Roman Empire came back to the West they brought this cult with them and in time...
The Classis Britannica was an important fleet in the Roman Navy. Source: RadoJavor/Deviant Art

Powerhouse of the Roman Navy: The Classis Britannica

The Roman Empire is perhaps best known for its legions, which were famous for their ability to overcome even their greatest defeats. However, while the legions of Rome were the all-conquering land...