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Petra, Jordan. Source: Lovrencg / Adobe Stock.

Petra: An Ancient Wonder Carved in Stone (Video)

Deep within the canyons of Jordan's desert lies a breathtaking ancient treasure - the stone city of Petra . This sprawling metropolis, hand-carved into the sandstone cliffs, is a testament to an...
Sphinx of Balochistan

Is The Sphinx of Balochistan Really Just a Natural Rock Formation?

In Pakistan in 2004, the Makran Coastal Highway which links Karachi with the port town of Gwadar was opened. The new road finally allowed tourists easier access to the Hingol National Park, 240 kms (...
The rock-cut tombs of Pantalica, Sicily

Pantalica: The Spectacular Honeycomb Tombs of Sicily

Hidden away in the Hyblaean Mountains of Sicily lies a prehistoric cemetery called the Rocky Necropolis of Pantalica. Used during the late Bronze Age between the 13th and 7th century BC, it is a...