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J.P. Robinson

J.P. Robinson was born in Beverley on the East Yorkshire coast of England in 1975. He first became fascinated by the possibility of UFOs and extraterrestrial beings in his late teens during the early 90's; the last decade before the explosion of the internet, influenced at that time by the extraordinary claims of ex-NASA employee and whistle-blower Robert Oechsler.

His research then led him to consider the unexplained mysteries of ancient history and the great civilizations of the past. Inspired by the research of such luminaries as Graham Hancock and John Anthony West, his interest in mankind’s forgotten history soon took hold.

He began honing his writing skills as a keen singer-songwriter for the best part of two decades and following five years of study in Contemporary Photography right through to degree level at Northumbria University, he developed his ability to research extensively and applied this to his dissertation where he received a first with honours. Back in 1998, his work was recommended for a commissioned piece in The Guardian.

During a period as a self-employed freelance photographer he decided it was time to accumulate all of his knowledge and in 2016 he published his first nonfiction book The Alien Enigma followed by The Myth of Man two years later.

He currently lives in Kingston upon Hull with his partner and two daughters, where he is working on his third book which looks at life after death and what lies beyond the physical world.


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Glastonbury Tor. Source: vlorzor / Adobe. Inset: Representational image of a skeleton.

The Glastonbury Giant: Who Did the Mystery Bones of A Nine Foot Skeleton Belong To?

When researching the reality of giants in the past, one story which has survived the ages is the apparent discovery of the ‘Glastonbury Giant’ which was allegedly unearthed in 1190, on orders of King...
UNESCO World Heritage Obelisk of Axum.

The Axum Stelae: Multi-Story Buildings of Antiquity?

For those of you already familiar with the remarkable monoliths which stand in Axum, Ethiopia, you will no doubt be aware of their uncanny resemblance to modern tower block apartment buildings. Along...
Stone of the Pregnant Woman, an example of ancient high-tech stonework in Hajar al Hibla at Baalbek in Lebanon.

The High-Tech Stonework of the Ancients: Unsolved Mysteries of Master Engineers

There are many stone artifacts from the ancient world made from the hardest stone on the planet such as granite and diorite, which have been cut and shaped with such quality, precision and accuracy...
The mummified body of Egyptian Pharaoh Ramses the Great.

Mysterious Cocaine Mummies: Do They Prove Ancient Voyages Between Egypt and Americas?

Evidence which shows that ancient Egyptians had already crossed the Atlantic 3,000 years ago, long before Columbus in 1492, comes not only from the mimicking of cultural traditions as seen in Peru...
Representational image of human skeletons. The discovery of anomalous skeletons suggests humanity may be older than we think.

Ancient Anomalous Human Skeletons: Humanity Could be Much Older Than We Think

There are many reported human skeletal finds which are in discordance with current evolutionary beliefs dating back to anomalously ancient geological periods in the distant past, way before it is...
Two photos of the ancient wheel.

Enigmatic Ancient Wheel: The 300-Million-Year-Old Wheel and Anomalous Ancient Tracks Across the World

In 2008, a curious find was discovered down a coal mine in the Ukrainian city of Donetsk. As it could not be safely or successfully cut out due to the nature of the sandstone in which it was embedded...
Sphinx of Balochistan

Is The Sphinx of Balochistan Really Just a Natural Rock Formation?

In Pakistan in 2004, the Makran Coastal Highway which links Karachi with the port town of Gwadar was opened. The new road finally allowed tourists easier access to the Hingol National Park, 240 kms (...
This iron pot is allegedly an OOPArt found in coal.

OOPArts Found in Coal and Stone: Is There an Explanation for These Anomalous Bells, Chains, Walls and More?

According to the World Coal Association, the process responsible for the formation of coal began 360 to 290 million years ago. With this in mind, it would seem absolutely impossible for any human...