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Red Sea

Moses parting the Red Sea. (pozitivo / Adobe Stock)

Why Mount Sinai is in Egypt and Other Exodus Enigmas

Historians have dedicated significant efforts to authenticating the biblical narratives of the Exodus. Despite their best efforts, the actual locations of the events described in the account remain...
The tombs of the seven elites buried in a strange, crouched position were found in this tomb complex near Berenice Troglodytica by Polish archaeologists.	Source: M. G. Gwiazda / Center of Mediterranean Archaeology of the University of Warsaw / PAP

Strange ‘Huddled’ Skeletons Discovered in Berenice Troglodytica Tombs

Berenice Troglodytica, also known as Baranis, was a fledgling port city on the Red Sea in ancient Egypt. The remains of seven “huddled” skeletons in a tomb complex have been discovered at Berenice...
Statue identified as being Sebiumeker, god of procreation and fertility from Meroe in present-day Sudan. Source: K. Braulinska / PAP

Asian and Nubian Influences Found In Ptolemaic Era Statues in Berenice

Several mysterious statues dating back over 2000 years have been unearthed inside a temple in the ruined port of Berenice in Egypt . What makes them unique is that they exhibit strong influences from...
Abourma Rock Art

Abourma Rock Art Displayed In Djibouti’s Most Inhospitable Landscape

Rock art has greatly enhanced our knowledge of our prehistoric ancestors and the Abourma site, in the African state of Djibouti, is enhancing our understanding further. These carvings which are set...
A big fish swallows an ancient Egyptian soldier on one of the mosaics found on the floor of the synagogue.

Experts Uncover Rare Mosaics Showing Biblical Scenes in Ancient Synagogue in Galilee

Mosaics from the 5 th century AD, one depicting Noah’s ark and the other the parting of the Red Sea by Moses, have been excavated in an ancient Jewish village in Galilee, Israel. The synagogue in...
Pharaoh and his army drown trying to cross the Red Sea, as reflected in the Old Testament. Bartolo di Fredi.

Mediterranean Tsunami Could Have Been the Inspiration for the Biblical Story of Moses Parting the Waters

Two scientists from the University of Seville, Spain, are studying the miraculous biblical parting of the Red Sea as well as the route taken by Moses and the Jewish people during their exodus through...
Ancient pet cemetery and ship hull uncovered at Red Sea port

Ancient pet cemetery and ship hull uncovered at Red Sea port

An international team of archaeologists from Poland and the USA have made two significant discoveries at the 2,000-year-old ancient port of Berenike on the Red Sea coast of Egypt, according to a news...