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Annette Duckworth

Annette has always had a layman’s interest in history, and a visit to Egypt 6 years ago triggered the questions that led to her research. Already having a good knowledge of the biblical facts, with both Old and New Testament references to Moses, she wanted to see where the Egyptian and biblical facts converge. She started researching this period of New Kingdom Egypt 6 years ago, studying the available information in depth for 5 years.

She realized that the best way to present the facts was as an historical novel, piecing together the story of why the individuals involved did what they did. The book, titled The King and her children’ was published in October 2018 by Mirador and is available from Waterstones and Amazon.


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Moses parting the Red Sea. (pozitivo / Adobe Stock)

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Moses crossing the Red Sea. Source: Davy Cheng / Adobe Stock.

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