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Ramses III

Mortuary Temple of Ramesses III. Source: Asta/Public Domain

The Majestic Medinet Habu and the Mortuary Temple of Ramesses III

Usermaatre Meryamun Ramesses III was one of the last great Ancient Egyptian pharaohs of the New Kingdom period. The second ruler of the Twentieth Dynasty, Ramesses III was a notable warrior pharaoh,...
Depiction of the Sea People during naval battle with Egyptians as depicted on the temple of Ramses III in Medinet Abu, Egypt. Source: AlternatHistory

Ramses III Verses the Sea People & the End of the Bronze Age

The end of the 3,000-year-long Bronze Age was one of the most violent periods in history. Hittites and Egypt are usually cited as the last remaining major powers until a recently translated stone...
Ramses III in Arabia? Hunt for Egyptian Artifacts in Saudi Arabia Is On

Ramses III in Arabia? Hunt for Egyptian Artifacts in Saudi Arabia Is On

Plans have now been finalized for a joint Egyptian-Saudi Arabian archaeological mission that will explore a long-distance trade route that likely connected ancient Egypt and the Arabian Peninsula...
Léon Bakst's vision of cosmic catastrophe. Stat Russian Museum

Bronze Age Cataclysmic Comet Responsible For The Sea People

The Late Bronze Age collapse of the 12th century BC is one of the greatest and most enduring puzzles of Mediterranean archaeology. A cosmopolitan age, perhaps one of the first true episodes of...
Ahmose I against Hyksos.   Source: Public Domain

Ancient Egyptian Wars – Navigating the Millennia of Bloodshed

In the histories of great ancient empires there was one thing that was always a certainty: war. To maintain power, to achieve wealth, and to ensure the prosperity of the people, war had to be waged:...
Egyptian relief of the invading Sea Peoples

The Battle of the Delta: Ramses III saves Egypt from the People of the Sea

The ancient Egyptian pharaohs often commemorated military victories over their enemies by having them depicted on the walls of great monuments. One of the most famous conflicts recorded on the walls...
The ruins of the fortress near the ancient fortified city of Tell Habua after recent excavations

Newly discovered fortress on Way of Horus in Egypt stood sentinel against its enemies

Ancient Egypt was one of the most powerful civilizations of the ancient world, but it was under attack by other peoples at various times throughout its history. Consequently, it had a powerful...