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Lapis lazuli cult image of the God Ptah. Source: Metropolitan Museum of Art / Public Domain.

This Egyptian Statue Was Created to Hold the Spirit of a God (Video)

In ancient Egypt, amid the grandeur of pyramids , obelisks, and temples , there exists a small yet captivating marvel—an exquisite lapis lazuli statue designed not for burial but for divine...
Imagery obtained from the scans of Egyptian painting of Ramesses II.	Source: Martinez et al./CC-BY 4.0

New X-Ray Scanning Method Reveals Pharaoh’s Hidden Mysteries in Egyptian Paintings

Ancient photoshopping? Hidden details of ancient Egyptian paintings, along with artistic processes and alterations made to historical masterpieces over 3,000 years ago, have been uncovered by...
A small schist statuette shows Prince Thutmose as a miller grinding grain. Louvre Museum, Paris. Design by Anand N. Balaji (Public Domain); Deriv.

On The Trail Of The Mysterious Crown Prince Thutmose: The King Who Was Not To Be – Part I

Amenhotep IV, the youngest-known son of Pharaoh Nebmaatre Amenhotep III-heqa-Waset, ascended the throne at the height of Egypt’s golden age. The seeds for that efflorescent era of the Eighteenth...
Trilogy statue of King Ramesses II, Ptah and Sekhmet. Cairo Egyptian Museum.          Source: JMCC1 / CC BY-SA 3.0

Has A “Royal-Trinity” Of King Ramesses II Been Discovered In Egypt?

A group of ancient statues has been discovered in the deserts of Egypt, and this remarkable timeworn ‘royal-trinity’ seems to feature the Egyptian creator god Ptah , the maintainer of Earth, King...
Pink granite statue of Ramses II uncovered in Giza.    Source: Ministry of Antiquities

Illegal Dig Leads to Unique Pink Statue of Ramses II

The Egyptian Supreme Antiquities Council have announced a historic discovery. A very rare pink or rose granite statue of one of the greatest of pharaohs, Ramses II has been unearthed. What makes the...
Relief of a funeral procession from the tomb of Merymery in Saqqara; design by Anand Balaji

Sem Priests of Ancient Egypt: In the Service of King and Country—Part II

An appointee of the Pharaoh himself, the role of the sem priest carried immense political and religious weightage. In many ways, this class of priest served as the bridge between the ruler and the...
Scene on the north wall in KV62 shows King Aye as sem priest, performing the “Opening of the Mouth” ritual on the mummy of Tutankhamun; design by Anand Balaji

Sem Priests of Ancient Egypt: Their Role and Impact in Funerary Contexts—Part I

The office of sem or setem priest of Ptah, the patron god of the craftsmen in Memphis, Lower Egypt, was a prestigious one. Considered a sacred feline with a connection to the Heliopolitan cult via...
The Goddess Nut is the sky, arching over her brother, the God Geb, who is the earth.

Ancient Egyptian Creation Myths: Lords of the Earth and Sky, Scarab God Khepera, and Lady of Slaughter

Egypt, land of the Pharaohs. There is no single creation myth for Ancient Egypt as each region of the country owed allegiance to a different god, so for simplicity’s sake we shall just look at the...
The Shabaka Stone: Ancient Relic tells of God Ptah and his Creation of the Universe

The Shabaka Stone: Ancient Relic tells of God Ptah and his Creation of the Universe

The 26th Dynasty of Egypt was the last dynasty of the Third Intermediate Period, and was known also as the Nubian Dynasty or the Kushite Empire. The pharaohs of this dynasty hailed from Egypt’s...
Legendary White Walls of Memphis

Russian Archaeologists Unearth Legendary White Walls of Memphis

According to Manetho, an ancient Egyptian historian and priest of the 3 rd century BC, Memphis once carried the name Ineb-hedj, meaning ‘White Walls’. Some historians maintain that the city was named...