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The UNESCO West-African Burkina Faso metallurgy site’s Tiwêga furnace, near Kaya. Source: Sébastien Moriset / © DSCPM/MCAT

Impressive Metalworking in Burkina Faso Goes Back 2,800 Years

One of the most fascinating World Heritage Sites is the Ancient Ferrous Metallurgy Sites of Burkina Faso. Metallurgy in Burkina Faso was a common practice throughout this area of Africa that dates...
Neanderthal Reconstruction

Top Ten Myths about Neanderthals

Neanderthals are generally classified by palaeontologists as the species Homo neanderthalensis , but some consider them to be a subspecies of Homo sapiens ( Homo sapiens neanderthalensis ). The first...
Artist’s impression of elderly Neanderthal male based on fossil found at La Chappelle-aux-Saints

Neanderthals Took Care of Deaf and Disabled Buddy Until Old Age

A new analysis suggests that an older Neanderthal from nearly 50,000 years ago, ended up being deaf and most likely depended on his friends in order to survive, after he had suffered several injuries...
Neanderthals may have passed on tool-making skills to modern humans

Not so stupid after all? Neanderthals may have passed on tool-making skills to modern humans

Dutch scientists have discovered 50,000-year-old tools made from deer ribs in south-west France, which are believed to signify the transmission of knowledge and skill from Neanderthals to modern...