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Excavation of d-shaped Wari temple at Pakaytambo, near Arequipa, Peru. Top insert:Pplastered interior wall. Bottom insert: Abandonment feature on structure floor.	Source: Reid, D. / Journal of Anthropological Archaeology

Huge Wari Empire Temple from 800 AD Unearthed in the Highlands of Peru

While digging at a site called Pakaytambo in the southern Peru highlands, anthropologists and archaeologists from the University of Illinois—Chicago (UIC) unearthed an ancient Wari ritual complex...
The most mystifying grave found during the July-August dig season at Pampa La Cruz in northern Peru held five children in a circle with their heads almost touching. Source: andina / Huanchaco Archaeological Program

76 Pre-Inca Child Sacrifices Found at Peru’s Pampa La Cruz site

Archaeologists working at the pre-Inca Pampa La Cruz site in Peru have found even more evidence of Chimu child sacrifice practices. The sacrificial remains of 76 more children have been discovered at...
The ruins of the ancient civilization of Wari.

Ancient Wari Culture of Peru Prevented Wars with Beer Parties

Archaeologists have found evidence that the ancient Wari civilization of Peru brewed beer, and that it was central to the cultural and political life of their Empire. Beer seems to have been one of...
Excavating one of the Pre-Inca tombs.

Newly Unearthed Pre-Inca Tombs Show Ancient Chimú Practiced Child Sacrifice

12 children have been identified amongst the 50 individuals buried in 47 Pre-Inca tombs at a recently unearthed site in Peru. Archaeologists believe the children were sacrificial offerings. A wealth...
A chamber found under the Plaza San Francisco during works on a subway station in Quito Ecuador.

Subway Station or Cultural Preservation? Development Clashes with Patrimony at a World Heritage Site

The city of Quito, Ecuador is a recognized UNESCO World Heritage Site due to having the best-preserved and extensive historic centers in Latin America. But there is another, much older story below...
The double burial of the Serpent-Jaguar Priests, Pacopampa, Peru.

Lost for 2 700 years: Tomb of the Serpent Jaguar Priests Uncovered in Peru

A very interesting tomb has been uncovered in San Pedro de Pacopampa, Chota Province, Cajamarca Region, Peru. The tomb contains a double burial of what is believed to be high-ranking priests from the...
Wari geoglyph - Peru

Wari geoglyph similar to Nazca lines found in Peru

Archaeologists carrying out excavations in Arequipa in southern Peru were stunned to find a large geoglyph which resembles the famous Nazca lines, according to a report in Peru21 . The massive...