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The structure and decorative elements of the Heliodorus pillar which links ancient India to Greece and serves as a precise time marker. The pillar originally supported a statue of Garuda, now lost, or possibly located in the Gujari Mahal Museum in Gwalior.

The Heliodorus Pillar: Proof of Greek Worshippers In 200 BC Hindu India?

Sometimes archaeological discoveries are made that don’t make much sense or seem out of place. Often these mysteries are solved and have simple explanations. Take for example the Heliodorus pillar in...
Göbeklitepe is so important that it has been completely covered to protect it from rain. To date, it is the oldest place of worship ever found on Earth, dating to 12000 BC. Archaeologists are expecting more amazing finds and insights from the recently discovered 11 new hills (or artificial mounds) near the site for which details will be released in September 2021.                 Source: Cihangir Zeybek / Adobe Stock

Eleven New Neolithic Hill Sites Discovered Near Göbeklitepe, Turkey

The Turkish government has just announced a major archaeological discovery that could have a serious impact on the study of Neolithic Era culture in the region. On June 27, Turkey’s Culture and...
Monastery in Meteora, Greece.

Meteora: Majestic Greek Monasteries Suspended in the Air

Meteora means ‘suspended in the air’ in Greek. This site is one of the largest and most important Greek Orthodox monastic complexes. It is located in the north-western edge of the Plain of Thessaly...
Soaba Stone pillars

The Saoba Stone Pillars of Taiwan Present A Peinan Culture Conundrum

Taiwan is a modern and dynamic country, but it also has a rich culture and history, which is often forgotten by the wider world. The island has been home to a variety of communities and cultures...
Drone aerial shot of the ancient Turkish ruins on Dongoin shiree. (North at the top.) Segments of the inscriptions and sarcophagus excavated from the hole at the center of the ruins can be seen.

Monumental Mongolian Burial Discovered Includes 14 Giant Inscribed Pillars

A joint excavation team from Osaka University and the Institute of History and Archaeology of the Mongolian Academy of Sciences discovered the ruins of a unique monument surrounded by 14 large stone...
A photo of the Warangal Fort’s Kakatiya Kala Thoranam.

Warangal Fort: More Spiritual Haven than Safe Haven

When you think of a fort you probably picture a pretty solid and intimidating structure. A practical, no frills affair. The Warangal Fort was somewhat different. A huge and opulent construction built...
The White Temple of Ranakpur: 1444 Decorated Pillars and No Two are Alike!

The White Temple of Ranakpur: 1444 Decorated Pillars and No Two are Alike!

The Ranakpur Jain Temple is a world-famous temple complex located in Ranakpur, Rajasthan, India. This spectacular temple complex was built in the 15th century AD, and is one of the five major...
Ancient Sacred Sites Triangularly Aligned by the Footsteps of the Gods

Ancient Sacred Sites Triangularly Aligned by the Footsteps of the Gods

Ancient architects not only placed temples sharing commonalities according to perfect triangles, they did so from the sky and across vast distances. The Hindu Trimurti is the eastern equivalent of...
A Muisca observatory or calendar, El Infiernito, Colombia

El Infiernito: Sacred Site of the Muisca Civilization of Colombia

El Infiernito ( Little Hell), is a pre-Columbian archaeological site near Villa de Leyva in Monquira, Colombia, that was built by the agricultural Muisca civilization that lived between 600-1600 AD...
Basilica Cistern

The incredible subterranean Basilica Cistern

Hidden beneath the city of Istanbul (Constantinople), Turkey, are hundreds of ancient cisterns that stored and supplied water to its inhabitants in the ancient past. The largest of these is the...