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Ancient petroglyphs at the Valle del Encanto in Chile. Source: Vera & Jean-Christophe / CC BY-SA 2.0

The Alien Petroglyphs of Chile’s Valle del Encanto

The Enchanted Valley, known as el Valle del Encanto in Spanish, is one of the most well-known rock art sites in Chile. Home to a varied set of petroglyphs, pictographs and so-called cup-marked stones...
Jan Simek, professor of anthropology, next to Mississippian Period cave drawings.		Source: University of Tennessee Knoxville

Mississippian Period Cave Art Tells A Tale From 6,500 Years Ago

North America is home to a number of cave art sites, some of which date as far back as 6,500 years ago. However, the first discovery of cave art in America was only in 1980 and that is probably why...
The Squatter / Mantis-Man petroglyph found in Teymareh rock art site, Iran. Right A praying mantis, Empusa hedenborgi.      Source: Dr Mohammad Naserifard / Mr Mahmood Kolnegari

Iranian Petroglyph Study: Human-Mantis or Plasma Burst?

A unique six limbed-rock carving has been identified in Central Iran as part human, part mantis, but other much more controversial theories exist. The Teymareh rock art site contains the country’s...
Statue of Chief Gadao

Gadao’s Cave, Guam: The Rock Art, The Chief, The Legends

There are many unique cultures with long, fascinating histories in the Pacific Islands and the small island of Guam is a prime example. One of the most renowned sites in the island is Gadao’s cave...
Hoodoos above the Milk River in winter.

Discover Insights Into Humanity’s Natural Spiritual Heritage at Writing-On-Stone Park

Geological forces have created many natural wonders throughout the world. Some of the most magnificent of these are the remarkable landforms at Writing-on-Stone Park, known as Áísínai'p in the local...
Tablet hypothesized to be the oldest writing ever discovered.

An 8,000-year-old Slab Holds the “Oldest Writing” Ever Discovered! Or Does It?

A tiny ceramic slab dated to around 6000 BC with “written signs” has been discovered by archaeologists at a prehistoric settlement near the town of Nova Zagora in Southeast Bulgaria. And, they...
Saint Columba converting King Brude of the Picts to Christianity, Scottish National Portrait Gallery

Does the Fierce Reputation of The Picts Reflect Reality?

It’s not that the Picts, a group of British Isle inhabitants, were that different from native Britons around the fourth century, a historian suggests in a new book. It’s just that Julius Caesar didn’...
Aerial Photograph (Photo Copyright South American Pictures 1978) and Illustration “Mysterious Holes of Peru”

Does Socos Pampa Geoglyph Reveal Nasca Lines Were Made Centuries Before Nasca Culture?

Ancient Origins Guest Writer, William James Veall, completes his Opinion Piece trilogy by cementing together two earlier articles concerning " The Mysterious Holes of Peru " and " Seafarers from the...
The sun strikes the exact center of the figure at right at noon on the winter solstice.

A thousand years ago, Native Americans aligned drawings with solstice sun

Hundreds of years ago, Native Americans in what is now West Texas drew more than a thousand glyphs in red pigment on rocks on a cliff. Every winter solstice at noon, the sun strikes the center of one...
Aegean Island Erotic Graffiti

Earliest known erotic graffiti found on an Aegean island

A Greek archaeologist has discovered a set of ancient erotic graffiti on a stone on the Aegean island of Astypalaia, believed to date back more than 2,500 years. Engravings of phalluses and...
The rock art of Sego Canyon

The haunting rock art of Sego Canyon – extra-terrestrials or spiritual visions?

The sandstone cliffs of Sego Canyon are a spectacular outdoor art gallery of petroglyphs painted and carved by Native Americans peoples over a period of around 8,000 years. They are characterised by...