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Peking Man

Reconstruction of the Peking man skull. Source: kevinzim / CC BY 2.0

Peking Man and China’s Paleontological Nationalism

At the beginning of the 20th century, a team of international paleontologists prepared to excavate a cave located in a limestone formation known as Dragon-Bone Hill, a few hours outside of Beijing...
Painting of Smilodon populator from the American Museum of Natural History by Charles Knight (1903) (Public Domain)

The Deadliest Man Eaters In Mankind’s Evolutionary History

Humans are the most successful predator on the planet and stand sentinel at the spearhead of the planetary food chain, but this was not an achievement that came easy. Mankind’s ancestors had to fight...
Ancient man (ginettigino / Adobe Stock)

Olorgesailie Prehistoric site, Kenya: A Factory of Tools With 1.2 Million Years of History

Kenya is a beautiful land, famous for its abundant wildlife and dramatic scenery and has been so for millions of years. It is also a country which plays a pivotal role in the early history of...
Many thousands of years ago, even before Homo sapiens evolved, humanoid people were using fire, according to Chinese scientists.

Use of fire by Peking Man goes back 600,000 years, Chinese scientists say

Chinese scientists are saying an early human ancestor, Peking Man, set up fireplaces and cooked food about 600,000 years ago—the earliest evidence for fire use by a human species yet. They found...
Forensic facial reconstruction of Homo erectus pekinensis, commonly known at Peking Man.

Tooth from prehistoric woman reveals life and times of Peking Man

A single tooth from a rare and important shipment of fossil finds – forgotten for decades in an unopened box in museum storage – has been rediscovered, and it is giving experts new knowledge about...