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peat bog

The cranial remains of Vittrup Man, who ended up in a bog after his skull had been crushed by at least eight heavy blows. Source: Stephen Freiheit / Fischer et al., 2024, PLOS ONE / CC-BY 4.0

Research Reveals Complex Life of the Vittrup Man’s Danish Bog Body

An international team of scientists recently completed a comprehensive analysis of the remains of a body extracted from a peat bog in Denmark. Using DNA testing, plus various types of chemical...
The oldest piece of tartan ever found in Scotland was created in the 16th century. Source: Alan Richardson / V&A Dundee

Peat Bog Yields Oldest Known Scottish Tartan Fabric

A thin but intact square of old fabric removed from a Highland peat bog four decades ago is likely the oldest tartan ever found in Scotland, a new battery of tests has revealed. It is estimated that...
Close up of Lindow Man.      Source: Verity / CC BY-SA 2.0.

Lindow Man – What Killed England’s Oldest Celebrity?

Lindow Man, officially known as Lindow II, is the name given to a bog body that was discovered in Cheshire, North West England. Radiocarbon dating of Lindow Man shows that he lived around the 1st...
4,000-year-old pelt

4,000-year-old pelt found in princess grave reveals bears roamed Dartmoor, England

A 4,000-year-old fur pelt found in an ancient burial chamber belonging to a Bronze Age princess has revealed that brown bears once roamed Dartmoor, England, according to a BBC report . The discovery...