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Neutrino concept art

Unidentified High-Energy Particles Detected Passing through the Antarctic Ice

The IceCube Observatory carries the distinction of being the most remote astronomical facility on Earth. Anchored deeply in the ice of Antarctica, in the very definition of the middle of nowhere, the...
subatomic particle

Playing God in the Laboratory: The Particle That Lead to Discovery of New Form of Matter

Subatomic particles are a gateway into a world of mystery and uncertainty. In this fuzzy land, our usual assumptions about matter and energy are turned upside down. At this level, the laws of physics...
Creation. Source: AGPhotography / Adobe Stock.

How the Universe Came to Be: The Bible and Science Finally in Accord?

For most of our history, scientists have primarily believed that the universe is eternal and unchanging. Aristotle in the fourth century BC asserted that the world is without beginning or end. But...
Cosmic Rays Reveal Further Secrets of the Bent Pyramid

Cosmic Rays Reveal Further Secrets of the Bent Pyramid

A team of researchers has presented the results of an analysis focused on the internal structure of the Bent Pyramid of pharaoh Sneferu (Snefru), a 4,500-year-old monument named after its sloping...