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Wyoming Declared Oldest Mine in Americas: Red Ochre Mined there 13,000 Years Ago!

Excavations that concluded in 2020 have confirmed an ancient mine in eastern Wyoming that was allegedly used by humans to produce red ochre 13,000 years ago! It is now officially the oldest known...
Native American hunter. Credit: Daniel / Adobe Stock

Stash of Paleoindian Artifacts Found at 12,000-Year-Old Connecticut Site

A site uncovered in the American state of Connecticut soon began revealing evidence about its earliest inhabitants . Some 15,000 artifacts related to a Paleoindian community were uncovered and they...
Fallen Roof Ruin, Road Canyon, Utah. This is just one of the many architectural features left by ancient cultures in Utah.

10,000 Years of Landscape Architecture by the Ancient Cultures of Utah

Utah is the only state in North America where a majority of the population belong to a single church; approximately 62% of the state population being members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-...
Charlie Lake Cave Inside

Charlie Lake Cave: A Gully of Buried Treasure 10,500 Years Old

Although the vast majority of archaeologists agree that ‘Paleoindian’ cultures were well-established throughout the Americas dating to the end of the last glacial period (about 12000 BC), when their...
Paleo-Indians of North America

16,700-Year-Old Tools Found in Texas Change Known History of North America

Archaeologists in Texas have found a set of 16,700-year-old tools which are among the oldest discovered in the West. Until now, it was believed that the culture that represented the continent’s first...
Illustration of a Paleoindian campsite

12,000-Year-Old Campsite and Hundreds of Artifacts Unearthed in Canada

First Nations archaeologists in New Brunswick, Canada, are unearthing hundreds of artifacts and exposing a campsite where their distant ancestors lived about 12,000 years ago. It is one of the...
The stone tools found at Bear Creek include the upper two in the photo with rare concave bases.

10,000-year-old stone tools with animal tissue residue unearthed in Washington State

After the glaciers retreated during the end of the last Ice Age in North America, people quickly moved in and inhabited the areas free of the ice. One such site, in the Puget Sound area of Washington...