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Composite image depicting the similitude between a replica of the Valencian slate owl plaque with inserted feathers (on the left) and the long-eared owl species which may have inspired numerous engraved owl plaques (on the right). Source: Juan J. Negro / CC BY 4.0

Enigmatic Copper Age Owl Plaques Were Made by Children, Study Claims

Decades of excavations in ancient burial pits in the Iberian Peninsula (modern-day Spain and Portugal) have unearthed more than 4,000 palm-sized slate owl plaques engraved with geometric images of...
Reconstruction of an Iron Age Nordic warrior’s burial. Two rich warrior graves in Sweden also included down duvets!

Norse Warrior Took Comfy Duvet (and a Beheaded Owl) to the Afterlife

The Valsgärde burial field near Uppsala in Sweden is known for its magnificent boat graves from the 600s and 700s AD. Archaeologists have identified more than 90 graves from the Iron Age, but two...
Remarkable Survival of Minerva’s Ancient Shrine Through the Ages

Remarkable Survival of Minerva’s Ancient Shrine Through the Ages

The Romans were prolific builders and the ruins of their structures are still to be seen throughout their former Empire. Amphitheaters, roads, temples and of course shrines to the gods graced the...

Ancient Symbolism of the Owl: Omen of the Good, the Bad and the Deadly

About 48 million years ago, an owl swooped down to catch its prey in broad daylight - we know this because in 2018 Dickinson Museum Researchers found the exquisitely preserved remains of the owl. Its...
Reconstruction of the Myklebust Viking ship burial chamber c. year 870 AD, Norway, probably containing King Audbjorn of the Fjords. The king’s head is resting on pillows filled with bird feathers.

What Comforting Items Did Vikings Have That Are Still the Height of Luxury Today?

By ThorNews In the largest and most richly equipped Viking burial mounds discovered in Norway there are usually found beds and several types of bird feathers and down from pillows and duvets,...