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The Gods who “came to Earth”


In an earlier article, findings have validated the notion that the Australian Original Language, as chronicled at the Standing Stones, was the first tongue spoken and recorded for posterity, we decided to focus on the actual content and dispense with the five reasons we presented in that paper which justify our affirming stance.

Knowing that we will fall short no matter how this is approached, as a first step the best we can do is compare and contrast between the Sacred Language Frederic Slater translated at the Standing Stones and the 300 hieroglyphs engraved into three sandstone walls near Kariong. We have written extensively about these ancient engravings both in a recent co-authored book, Ancient Aliens in Australia, and in articles in Ancient Origins and Wake up World. We are convinced these engravings are authentic and worthy of comparison to the sacred narrative detailed at the Standing Stones.

In what only strengthens the Kariong hieroglyphs integrity is the sharing of common themes, four in fact and rock, which transcend geography and any linear measurement of time. We will provide no commentary and let the stones and rocks speak for themselves.    

“The Breath of God is the Divine Light of the Soul.” “The light of truth flows like a river of fire from God to the soul of man and woman united.” “The Grand Inspector of Workings.” “Enter and learn the truth of the Divine Light.” “The soul of man came from the Immortal Light to drink the water of life from God.” “Life comes in and life goes out in darkness to the light that holds it forever.”

“From darkness to Light.” “Clouds across the sky.” “Darkness.” “Man … was not given power to endow man a soul.”

“Life was brought in a bag.” “God came in with Light from Darkness and gave man a soul and the sons of man brought in with Light became the Pillars of Heaven.” “He who came from on high brought life into the world.”

“The Divine Light emanating from the Rod which tells of a fire that brought life from afar point east to west.” “Guided by truth man came to Earth through darkness from the Light of Life that shines far off.” “Truth brought out on wings to Earth from God to man.” “The Divine Light of God gives the soul and fire which brought life from afar.” “The truth brought in from the fire which brings life from afar.” “Man came to Earth as man with all his senses (seven of them) and was established in truth.” “The fire that brings life from afar comes through darkness of the clouds which conceal within the Divine light directed by God for man to hold.”

The only comment we would like to offer relates to the last and largest section. There are seven declarations littered with “came to Earth,” “life from afar,” “comes through darkness” (quite possibly space), “wings to Earth,””shines far off,” coming “to Earth with all his senses,” etc. Outside staring into space, we can’t see where else this passage could lead.

Admittedly we have taken license in our extra-terrestrial interpretation, and never having ascended upwards further than a domestic jet is allowed, our expertise in space travel is non-existent. But there others who flew much further and it seems fitting to conclude with their observations and that of the Commander-in-Chief.

*“At no time when the astronauts were in space, were we alone. There was constant surveillance by UFOs.” Astronaut Scott Carpenter

*“We all know UFOs are real, all we need to ask is where are they from.” Astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell.

*“There’s a government inside the government and I don’t control it.” President Bill Clinton’s response to a question asked “by Whitehouse reporter Sarah McClendon about why he didn’t do something about Disclosure.”

*Courtesy of Exopolitics, Sydney

 #”The Sacred Language-Fact or Fiction” appears in Wake up World

By Steven and Evan Strong



Hi All,

I have a question for the authors of this article how old is this writing discovered in Aboriginal Australia? Has it been truly authenticated?

Forgeries possibly has this writing been Carbon Dated or would the testing do damage to the writing that it's lost forever?

I'm just curious that's all if true this discovery is more than exciting to read all about.


This reminds me of the Dogon tribe in Mali. They have a remarkably clear and solid ancient story of the "Nommos" who came down from the sky in fiery ships. Here is a link...scroll towards the bottom for the good stuff.

Scripture, regardless of its cult, does not use the word "alien" as that is a modern invention. But even in the Torah there is mention of "Sons of God who came down" to impregnate "daughters of men" (Genesis 6; Book of Mormon). All scripture is a product of repeated redactions in an effort to make the individual cult superior to others, as with the writing of John of Patmos' "Apocalypse" that was plagiarized directly from Isaiah 17 to cover up the defeat of the ancient Hebrews (Apiru) by Thutmosis III who marched on the tel Megiddo that created the fiction of Armageddon (in Hebrew Har Megido).

The ancient world was ignorant, and the writings were based on other inscriptions on stone (cuneiforms) or more critical hieroglyphs as in the theology of ancient Egyptians who recognized that life began with the goddess Isis who was a part of the original Trinity of Isis-Osiris (brother and husband of Isis)-Horus (their son who frequently declared "The Father and I are One"). Sectarianism plays no valid role in academic and educated thinking anymore than being preoccupied by Nephilim or other supernatural beings. The generation of holy writ is plagiarism as with Hercules becoming Samson, the Seven Sleepers of Ephesus being incorporated into the Qu'ran that accounts for the three daughters and two sons of Allah (the Satanic Verses), etc.

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They are demon's not aliens.  Scripture does not support aliens, only the fallen one's who are from the heavenly realms, and are demons.


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Steven and Evan Strong

Steven and Evan Strong are trying to share our understanding of Ancient Australia as having a rich past that started long ago. Australia has been visited in the past by the Ancient Egyptians, Phoenicians, Chinese, Spanish,... Read More

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