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Norman Conquest

AI illustration of Crown Jewels of the United Kingdom. Source: Michael/Adobe Stock

How Does the Line of Succession to the British Throne Work? (Video)

The British line of succession is a complex historical tapestry woven over centuries, marked by twists and turns. Beginning with Egbert in 827 AD, the hereditary path to the throne was often...
The gatehouse of Bury St Edmunds Abbey. Source: Charles / Adobe Stock.

Bury-St-Edmunds Abbey: Shrine of the King, Cradle of the Law

If you’ve never visited the Suffolk region of southern England, you may not have heard the name of Bury-St-Edmunds. But this small medieval town is home to one of the most important and powerful...
How could an entire village disappear? Source: Ivan Kmit / Adobe Stock.

Ghosts in the Landscape: How Did the Village of Gainsthorpe Vanish?

There are many medieval villages in England that have disappeared throughout the years. However, one that remains more visible than most is the village of Gainsthorpe in Lincolnshire. When viewed...
Odo of Bayeux: Sharing the Spoils Under William the Conqueror

Odo of Bayeux: Sharing the Spoils Under William the Conqueror

William the Conqueror was without a doubt one of history’s most important leaders. His conquest of Anglo-Saxon England set in motion events that would change the future of the world for many. However...
Norman dietary influences in England after the Battle of Hastings (pictured here) and the Norman Conquest.  Joseph Martin Kronheim (1810–96) / Public domain

The Norman Conquest Didn’t Kill the English Appetite

A team of researchers have established that Norman dietary influences in England after the Norman Conquest were less profound than previously imagined. This was a huge surprise given the perceived...
Beaubec excavation of the Norman Monastery. Source: Beaubec Excavations / Fair Use.

Norman Artifacts Indicate Long-lost Monastery Has Been Found in Ireland

In Ireland a long-lost 13 th century monastery has been found along with a large number of medieval artifacts . Monastic farms and other buildings that belonged to French and Norman monks who had...
The Hagia Sophia, an iconic work of architecture that housed many iconic works of art.

How Byzantine Art and Architecture Captivated the Known World

The rich, beautiful art and opulent architecture of the Byzantine Empire glorified Jesus, the saints, the Blessed Virgin Mary and the emperors. Byzantine art motifs, the mosaics, paintings, and...
Featured image: A child burial at the abandoned medieval village of Hatch, which was excavated in the winter of 1984 and 1985.

Excavations in village reveal sad fact of high medieval infant mortalities

The infant mortality rate was so high in the Middle Ages that half the burials in a deserted medieval English town excavated by archaeologists in the 1980s were of children. The rate of infant...