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The Dynamic Dance Of The Earth, Solar System, And Precession

The Dynamic Dance Of The Earth, Solar System, And Precession

Long before the dark ages, history recalls the myth and folklore of a higher age. Hesiod, the famed Greek historian (circa 700 BC), tells it was a time of peace and plenty when mankind lived in tune...
Leonardo da Vinci and his sketches that hint at knowledge of gravity. Source: Caltech

Leonardo Da Vinci’s Notes Show He Understood Gravity Long Before Newton

As the prototypical Renaissance man, Leonardo da Vinci was an artist, scientist, inventor and all-around genius who left a legacy of discovery and innovation that is still admired to this day. But if...
The great scientist Isaac Newton dabbled in alchemy during the Great Plague of London. He “thought” toad vomit pills might be the cure and his notes on this have survived. Source: Maria Sbytova / Adobe Stock

Isaac Newton, Alchemy and His Toad Vomit Plague Cure

Sir Isaac Newton was one of the most influential scientists in world history. He is best-known for his three laws of motion, and his law of universal gravitation. Additionally, he made contributions...
There is much debate between scholars to Jesus’ crucifixion date, but there is no real consensus. Is there anyway of us knowing the truth? Left: portrait of Sir Isaac Newton. (Public domain).     Right: representation of Jesus’ crucifixion. (Kovalenko I / Adobe stock)

Sir Isaac Newton’s Astronomical Dating of Christ's Crucifixion

Whether he existed as a physical person, or as some believe, was merely an archetype from Jewish mysticism, Jesus has taken the world by storm and according to the Complete Pilgrim , very rough...
William Blake's “Newton.” (1795) In this work Newton is depicted critically as a "divine geometer".

Making a Magical Substance for Health and Wealth - Discovery of Alchemy Transcripts by Newton

A recent auction has led to the discovery of one of Isaac Newton’s alchemy transcripts, which may just be one step towards creating the magical substance known as the philosopher’s stone. According...

Mystical Science of Alchemy Arose Independently in Ancient Egypt, China, India

By Tara MacIsaac , Epoch Times A similar quest began in ancient India, China, and Egypt thousands of years ago. All of these cultures sought to turn lead or other substances into gold and to attain...