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Radio Telescope

New radio telescope will be built to search for extra-terrestrial life


The creation of a new radio telescope called the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) is set to begin in 2017 and will be the most powerful radio astronomy telescope in the world.  Its’ purpose is to search for signs of life on other planets, everything from the organic molecules needed for life to advanced extraterrestrial intelligence.

The project director, Bernie Fanaroff, has said that the telescope will be so powerful that if the telescope was used on another planet up to 50 light years away, it would be able to see all the airport radars, TV transmitters and SABC programmes on Earth.

"So, if we have it on Earth and we are looking out at all these stars and new planets that are being discovered, we hope to be able to see if there is a civilisation out there that is broadcasting," Mr Farnoff said.

The creation of SKA is a global project made up of 10 member countries and four guest countries.

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