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It is Official: Antigravity Research Begins

Recently, there have been some credible reports, for example in the Citizens Hearing on Disclosure , that antigravity has been discovered by reverse engineering extraterrestrial crafts that have crashed, such as in the Roswell case. However, until this information goes out publicly we will still suppose that we do not have this technology, which means that researchers all over the world continue to research into it.

Researchers at Cern in Switzerland are investigating anti-matter which may be the source of ‘antigravity’. Antimatter is the mirror image of normal matter but with an opposite charge. Which means that antimatter should behave in opposite ways than matter. If matter and anti-matter collide then they will destroy each other and they will emit energy. But even that is a speculation, we are not sure if they will attract or repel each other.

It is unknown how exactly antimatter will respond to the other major forces such as gravity for example. The speculations however is that if we had an object of antimatter in our hands on Earth and let it go then instead of falling down it should go upwards.

Physicists assume that during the Big Bang and the Universe creation, there must have been equal amounts of matter and antimatter. However our Universe today mainly consists of matter and very tiny amounts of antimatter, as scientists say.

The purpose of Cern’s Alpha experiment is to build and trap antimatter atoms. So for example if a normal Hydrogen is made of a proton and an electron, the anti-hydrogen atom is made of antiproton and positron. In 2011 they managed to make anti-hydrogen and keep it for 1,000 seconds. During that experiment the scientific team at CERN made their first observations of how anti-hydrogen responds to gravity and they found that they are 110 times more susceptible to gravity than atoms but in the opposite direction, which means antigravity. And that is the first step on which further studies of antigravity will take place in the future.

By John Black

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