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Polynesian DNA in Brazil

DNA Study reveals connection between Brazil and Polynesia. Well, how?


Current scientific thought proposes that it was about 15,000 to 20,000 years ago that humans first migrated to America, probably through a land connection that existed back then. However details of how this happened and when is unknown.

New genetic research has been conducted by Sergio Pena, a molecular geneticist of the Federal University of Minas Gerais in Brazil, on human skulls of indigenous Brazilians of the eighteenth century AD. This Brazilian group, the Botocudo people, had skulls that were a combination of Paleoamericans and that of an Asian population.

Out of the twelve skulls that were examined, two of them have shown DNA sequences found in Polynesians. Those results make this discovery important because it cannot be explained how this could happen. There is no known way that Polynesians could have arrived to South America an interbred with natives. Or did they have some kind of transportation that is still to be discovered? Further research needs to be done to get definite answers. Until then it will remain a mystery.

Such findings reveal more and more pieces of the puzzle leading towards the theory that more advanced civilizations may have existed in that past that we are yet to find.

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Didn't Thor Heyerdahl make the point of the possibility of sea navigation across the Pacific
in Kon-Tiki, back in 1947?

How odd that despite proof to the contrary, the article maintains it was impossible for Polynesians to reach the Americas, I have to wonder at the degree of research gone into these articles.

For your info, there were two sail types used in the Pacific by our ancestors.
The standard sail and the 'Net Sail'....used to catch ocean currents and towed along.....

This DNA connection between Brazil and Polynesia is easily explained. Polynesians have been travelling the Pacific ocean for 1000s of years. Our Sea faring technology is far superior to White men ships. Thats why Polynesia stretches from New Zealand to Hawaii. Our sea faring canoes were doing this trip on a reular basis. We own the Catamaran design. Thats the most stable and speedy vessel on the water. Our knowledge of the Ocean ( because we live there was years ahead of anything Europeans and other Land lubbers had knowledge of) There is a revival of our Sea Faring canoes happening right now. is the website following the two Polynesian Sea Faring Canoes (large catamarans) sailing around the world at this very moment. our culture is a Sea faring one and the scientists need to recognize we sailed from Polynesia to all points around the Pacific including America and Asia. Its not an unknown kind of transportation.

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