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Jesus shape shifting

Ancient text found mentioning Jesus could shape-shift


An ancient Egyptian Coptic text going back almost 1200 years has been deciphered recently by Roelof Van den Broek of Ultrecht University in the Netherlands. The text outlines parts of Jesus’ life but not exactly as we know it…

Within the text, two apocalyptic things were mentioned. The first one was that Jesus has dinner with Pilate who suggests to sacrifice his own son instead of Jesus. And the second one and most important is that the texts explain why Judas had to kiss Jesus in order to betray him. And the reason mentioned in the texts is that Jesus had the ability to change forms (shape-shifting) and it was impossible for the Jews to pinpoint him, so they have asked Judas to kiss him so that they would know who Jesus is.

That is an obvious question that probably nobody asked in the past. Why did Judas have to kiss Jesus since Jesus was well known to everyone in his Era? This ancient text gives the answer. The question is, how valid is that answer?

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Jesus had to be careful to avoid arrest of the roman soldiers. He may be using different clothes or change the style of his beard for not being recognized. It is said that Jesus survived the crusifiction and the person on who died on the cross was Jesus brother.

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Is there not also descriptions of the disciples not actually recognising Christ after he rose on the third day? Could be something to this.

Jesus may have been just one of several Essene disciples chosen by Our Creator to receive very advanced and profound teachings. If Jesus was able to transform just a few pieces of bread and few fishes into thousands, it does not sound very far fetched to imagine that he could transform himself...Some food for thought...

The first thing that comes to my mind is that he was using theatrical skills. Makeup, lumpy props to change his body shape, costumes, etc. would qualify as shape shifting. Take a hard look at John Travolta and his work and it seems easy to draw comparisons. If you're a wanted man it makes sense to have a series of disguises.

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