Neanderthal Hybrid

Human-Neanderthal Hybrids discovered


In a recent scientific paper, a skeleton found in Italy is suggested to be a Neanderthal-human hybrid. Further analysis is to be done, but if correct then it will prove that humans and Neanderthals were interbred.

We know that genetic research has shown that modern humans have about one to four percent Neanderthal DNA. The questions is that if only such a small percentage is from Neanderthals how is it possible for modern humans to be ancestors of the Neanderthals?

In the same report, Condemi who is a research director at the University of Ai-Marseille suggest that modern humans slowly replaced Neanderthals by deliberately trying to eliminate them. Is this a case of a ‘superior’ race eliminating an ‘inferior’ race? Is that a scenario that we keep seeing in the history of the humanity?

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