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Ancient Sumerian Temple

New breath-taking ancient temple discovered in ancient Sumeria


The ancient city of Ur was he last capital of the Sumerian empire and was first excavated in southern Iraq in 1930. At about 10 miles from the city, British archaeologists with the help of satellite images have discovered a structure that may be a palace or a temple of about 4,000 years old.

The size of the building is immense with the walls to be as thick as nine feet. The structure look to be a complex of rooms around a courtyard. More details to be found once the site is properly excavated.

Ur was a Sumerian city that was settled 6,000 years ago. At about 3,000 BC the city reached its peak, making it one of the richest cities of that period of time. Today the city is close to the city of An Nasiriya in Iraq.

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