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Ancient Giza Under Water

Fossils at Giza Plateau show that it was once covered by Sea

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In one of our articles on the Sphinx of Egypt, we have mentioned one hypothesis supported by evidence showing that the Sphinx was once under water, which means that the age of the Sphinx must have been more than 12,000 old.

Another report provided evidence that erosion at the Giza plateau must have been due to the saturation by deep sea water. On the upper surface block of the Menkaura Pyramid, researcher Mr Sherif el Morsi who has spent more than 12 years researching the Necropolis of Giza, discovered a petrified sample of a type of sea urchin which proves beyond doubt that such a hypothesis must be true.

Such a discovery will seriously question our dating methods and how everything that we know about the history of humankind may have been completely out of sync with what the true story is. If civilizations existed so many thousands years ago then everything that we know about human civilizations is wrong.

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