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Gonur Tepe

Ancient Fortress Gonur-Tepe Reveals it Mysteries


Gonur Tepe is one of the largest Bronze Age sites that was discovered by Russian archaeologists in Turkmenistan in Central Asia. It was a fortress town that was built in a strategic place about 2300 years ago.

The parts that have been excavated show a huge complex of more than 30 hectares of palaces, buildings, complex irrigation system, temples and a cemetery nearby. The altars indicate that probably the site had been used to worship the Zoroastrian religion, according to archaeologist Dr Viktor Sarianidi.

Every summer during the excavations more and more artefacts and clues about this Civilization have been discovered, surprising the archaeologists with the sophisticated and advanced techniques they possessed. They would mould metal, carve stones and bones for creating religious worshiping artefacts, build incredible mosaics which go beyond the Greek-Roman Era of mosaic making techniques.

Many unique artefacts are stored in the Turkmen Museum hidden from the public eyes, waiting for investigation in the future. There is a very interesting documentary on Gonur Tepe that someone could watch.

It appears that more and more ancient sites are revealed showing that the advancement of the Civilizations of the past is probably not as we thought it was.

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