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Desert Find Provides Evidence of Advanced Prehistoric Civilisation


A remarkable discovery in the middle of the Saudi Arabian desert in Al Magar provides evidence of a previously unknown civilisation. 

The archaeological find uncovered more than 300 stone objects including stone tools, arrow heads and various animal statues including sheep, goats and ostriches. 

Of particular interest was the discovery of a 135 kilogram stone carving of what appears to be a horse with a band across its shoulders, providing evidence of domestication.  This is the first time evidence has been found suggesting the domestication of horses in the Neolithic period.   It was previously believed that horses were first tamed and used by man around 6,000 years ago in Kazakhstan, but this theory has now been drawn into question.

More excavations are planned in the areas and further research is expected to uncover vital and fascinating information about the Al Magar civilisation, along with its impact on both the history of Saudia Arabia and to our understanding of ancient civilisations.

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