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Apollo Cunomaglus

Artefact depicting Apollo Cunomaglus was found


A valuable artefact depicting the Roman God, Apollo Cunomaglus, has been found in a basement cupboard after being missing for over 100 years.  The artefact dated 150-350AD, was first discovered in 1875 in the grounds of Sudeley Castle, United Kingdom, but in the 1960s, historians realised that the artefact had been misplaced. 

The statue represents a figure with a cloak and a conical cap, holding a bow and, according to archaeologist and historian the Reverend Dr Martin Henig, it has major significance in the understanding of Roman religion in western Britain.

Cunomaglos was a Brythonic god (during the Celtic period) who was mentioned in one (and only one) inscription that was found at Wiltshire in England.  The word Cunomaglos is assumed to mean ‘Great Hound Lord’ and was portrayed as a dog guarding the underworld.

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