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Nazca lines

A warriors petroglyph found at the La Sabana petroglyph site, lost Pre-Hispanic city near Acapulco city, Mexico.   Source: INAH

Lost Pre-Hispanic City Near Acapulco Yields Astounding Petroglyphs

A find near the Mexican city of Acapulco, in the depths of a sprawling pre-Hispanic city, spanning 334 hectares includes 38 petroglyphs, circular calendars, and a beautiful representation of a rain...
Ancient spiral aqueducts in Nazca, Peru. Source: peterz / Adobe Stock.

The Ancient Aqueducts Keeping Peruvian Deserts Fertile (Video)

For over 1,700 years, the ancient aqueducts of Peru's Nazca region have sustained life in the desert. Built by the pre-Hispanic Nazca people since the fourth century AD, these aqueducts form an...
Left, Nazca geoglyphs recently discovered using artificial intelligence show figures of a pair of bird legs, a humanoid and a fish at Nazca in Peru. Right, Examples of various types of Nazca image creation techniques.	Source: Yamagata University Institute of Nasca

New Nazca Geoglyphs Uncovered in Northern Pampa Using AI Tech

What do a humanoid figure, a bird, a fish, and a pair of legs have in common? Japanese scientists and archaeologists, using a deep artificial intelligence learning model technique, have discovered...
Researchers from Yamagata University identified geoglyphs using IBM Watson Machine Learning Community Edition. Source: IBM Research Release.

AI Identifies New Geoglyphs Among Nazca Lines in Peru

The Nazca Lines in Peru are among the most mysterious geoglyphs in all of archaeology. These glyphs of humanoids, geometric shapes, and animals have baffled experts for almost a century. Now Japanese...
Nazca Hummingbird identified as Source: / CC BY-SA 4.0

Have Japanese Ornithologists Cracked the Mystery of the Nazca Lines?

The Nazca Lines are among the most mysterious archaeological sites in all of Latin America. However, a team of Japanese experts has published a study in the Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports...
Aerial Photograph (Photo Copyright South American Pictures 1978) and Illustration “Mysterious Holes of Peru”

Does Socos Pampa Geoglyph Reveal Nasca Lines Were Made Centuries Before Nasca Culture?

Ancient Origins Guest Writer, William James Veall, completes his Opinion Piece trilogy by cementing together two earlier articles concerning " The Mysterious Holes of Peru " and " Seafarers from the...
At Front - Representation of a warrior holding a trophy head. Background - Nazca fiber "double fish" design displayed at Brooklyn Museum. Source: Front, Public Domain; Background, Public Domain.

The Nazca Head-hunters and their Trophy Heads

The Nazca culture of Peru is perhaps most well-known for the enigmatic Nazca Lines , hundreds of lines and stylized images built into the Peruvian coastal plain. Yet, there is more to this ancient...
Aarchaeological Destructions

The 5 Worst Archaeological Destructions for 2013

While 2013 has seen a plethora of incredible archaeological discoveries and achievements, which will be showcased shortly, there are other events that have equally affected the archaeological world,...