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A nativity scene showing the scene of Jesus’ birth, now taken to be December 25th. 	Source: itsajoop/Adobe Stock

Celebrating Christmas on December 25 Began As Early As the Second Century AD

By Martinus Ariya Seta /The Conversation Many people, including Christians, believe the origin of the date of Christmas is related to the pagan feasts to worship the solar god Sol Invictus , Saturn’s...
The 5,000-year-old rock painting in this photo, may depict a Nativity-type scene like the 2,000-year-old scenes of Jesus’ birth. Dr. Morelli came across the cave painting in Egypt in 2005 but went public with it in 2016. Source: Marco Morelli, via

5,000-Year-Old Rock Art Suggests a Nativity Scene 3,000 Years Before Jesus’ Birth

About 5,000 years ago an artist in Egypt painted an apparent nativity scene onto the rocks of a small cave—a tableau similar to crèche scenes that depict Jesus being laid in a manager in a cave or...
The nativity story depicting the birth of Jesus. Source:  Eric Wilcox / CC BY-NC 2.0)

The Nativity Story’s Timeless Message from Ancient Writings to Modern Day

Believe it or not, the Christmas holiday season is fast approaching, when homes will be adorned with twinkling lights and the spirit of giving fills the air. A timeless narrative unfolds—one that has...
Mary and Joseph caressing baby Jesus after the virgin birth. Source: Framestock/Adobe Stock

Why the Christmas Story’s Virgin Birth Wouldn’t Surprise Early Christians

Rodolfo Galvan Estrada III / The Conversation Every year on Christmas, Christians celebrate the birth of their religion’s founder, Jesus from Nazareth of Galilee. Part of this celebration includes...
Three wise men and star ( losw100 / Adobe Stock)

Unveiling The Star Of Bethlehem Amid The Celestial Tableau Of Jesus’ Nativity

The ‘Star of Bethlehem’ described in the Gospel of Matthew remains one of astronomy’s greatest mysteries. Matthew 2:1-12 explains how magi or astrologer-priests observed the rising of a certain star...
Ancient Eulogia Token Depicts An Unusual Nativity Scene

Ancient Eulogia Token Depicts An Unusual Nativity Scene

An ancient stone token depicting a deeply religious scene, the Nativity, was discovered in the Holy Land. It’s being described as being “unlike all others,” because it doesn’t feature Mary and Joseph...
Animals are commonly found in creche sets, but surprisingly not in the Bible.

An Ox, an Ass … a Dragon? Sorry, there were no Animals in the Bible’s Nativity Scene

From nativity plays to crèche sets to Christmas cards, animals are ubiquitous in our vision of the birth of Christ – but according to the Bible, not a single animal was there. Where did all these...
The Nativity scene (right) was discovered by x-ray under the painting of the beheading of John the Baptist (left). Source: Northumbria University and Bowes Museum

Nativity Scene Hidden Under Baptist Beheading Painting

British experts investigating a 400-year-old damaged painting have made an amazing discovery. Beneath the artwork they found a painting that apparently dates to the medieval period. It is of a...
The Magi with baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Source: Henry Siddons Mowbray / Public domain

Was the Magi’s Mission History or Myth?

In just twelve short verses the Gospel of Matthew records the visit of the mysterious Magi to pay homage to the baby Jesus. The allure of mystical wizards from exotic lands captured the imagination...
Magi paying homage to Jesus.

Political Landscape of the Nativity of Jesus

To paint the canvas around the time of the birth of Jesus, one needs to examine the unfolding political landscape of Judea a generation before Jesus’ birth. By 40 BC, Judea was under Parthian rule...
A Byzantine depiction of the Three Wise Men (526 AD), Basilica of Sant' Apollinare Nuovo, Ravenna, Italy.

What the Magi Had in Common with Scientists

Picturesque and exotic, with their crowns and camels, the three kings regularly appear on Christmas cards and in nativity scenes. But how much is original, and how much is later addition for the sake...
What Star is This? The Pagan Origins of Christmas Symbols

What Star is This? The Pagan Origins of Christmas Symbols

Rooted in the cyclical pagan year, Christmas can be linked back to the celebration of the Winter Solstice around December 21st, a time when the night was at its longest, and the coming of the “light...