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Traditional snowshoes. Source: debspoons / Adobe Stock.

Wisdom in Every Step: Tracing the History of Snowshoes (Video)

Bill Mackowski, a snowshoe craftsman and collector, has assembled an extraordinary collection of over 200 pairs. These snowshoes, each with a unique tale, hold cultural and practical significance...
Illustration depicting Captain John White returning to Roanoke Island and discovering the word 'CROATOAN' carved into a tree at the fort palisade.

What Happened to the Lost Colony of Roanoke Island?

The early English settlers of Roanoke Island in the New World established homes and lives alongside indigenous populations, but then they vanished completely, only leaving behind a coded message for...
Kaieteur Falls, Guyana

The History, Mystery, and Make-Believe of Kaieteur Falls

Auburn waves falling into cascading rainbows, the Kaieteur Falls radiate both mist and magic. Among the lesser known worldwide waterfalls, Kaieteur Falls are interestingly one of the most sought...
Zultepec-Tecoaque archaeological site in Tlaxcala, Mexico

Archaeological site in Mexico reveals sacrifice and cannibalization of Spanish conquistadors

Excavations at the Zultepec-Tecoaque archaeological site in Tlaxcala, Mexico, have revealed that indigenous Acolhuas peoples captured a caravan of 550 conquistadors and their allies in 1520, kept...
1893 Reconstruction of the Alexander Mosaic.

Remorseless Chronicles of Slaughter: Fatal First Contact Between Ancient Greece and the Tribes of India

Colonialism hasn’t changed much. More than 2000 years ago, when Alexander the Great conquered the Persia, he sent an ancient explorer named Nearchus to sail down the Indus River and map the lands...
Silver cups from ancient Peruvian

Silver cups from ancient Peruvian civilization change Chachapoya history

Two decorated silver cups found in the Chachapoyas region of Peru may rewrite the history of the enigmatic ancient people, who had never been known to do metalworking before this discovery. Though...
Portrait of Christopher Columbus

How Columbus, Of All People, Became a National Symbol

Christopher Columbus was a narcissist. He believed he was personally chosen by God for a mission that no one else could achieve. After 1493, he signed his name “xpo ferens” – “the Christbearer.” His...
Newly discovered petroglyphs at Montserrat.

Local hikers discover Pre-European petroglyphs on the Caribbean Island of Montserrat

Ancient rock carvings of a type seen in northern South America and in parts of the Caribbean have been discovered for the first time on the island of Montserrat. In January, local hikers came across...
Some of the Chaco Canyon ruins are still standing

Puebloans in Treeless Chaco Canyon Hauled 240,000 Trees over 75 KM for House Construction

Analysis of tree-ring patterns shows the prehistoric Pueblo Indians who built the multi-story great houses in Chaco Canyon, New Mexico, at one time hauled huge wooden beams a good distance from one...
Postcard of butter sculpture tableau of the meeting of Jacques Cartier and Donnacona

Lost Kingdom of Saguenay: Did 16th Century Canadian Indians hoax Frenchmen with Tales of Gold and Riches?

According to legends, the Kingdom of Saguenay is a lost city supposedly ruled by blonde men rich with gold and jewels. No one knows if native Canadians in 1534 and 1535 hoaxed greedy Frenchmen and...