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Researchers stand where massive timber pillars once stood to give a perspective on the size of the site of the home of Prince Toneri in Nara.            Source: Nara City Board of Education/Asahi

Residence of 8th Century Japanese Prince Toneri Uncovered

Archaeologists in Japan excavated a site ahead of a new apartment building project. Little did they know they were digging into the spectacular home of the 8th century AD Prince Toneri! Located in...
Analysis of Wood Inscription Reveals Persians were in Japan 1,000 Years Ago

Analysis of Wood Inscription Reveals Persians were in Japan 1,000 Years Ago

After centuries of belief that ancient Japan was relatively isolated from other parts of the world, researchers have discovered evidence of a Persian official working in the former capital Nara at...
Remnants of an "o-kabe" structure in Takatori, Nara Prefecture, Japan. The white holes surrounding the square are where poles had been placed. (Kazuto Tsukamoto)

1500 Year Old Korean Meeting Place Uncovered in Japan

Remains of an o-kabe style building have been excavated in Takatori, Nara prefecture, Japan. Evidence suggests that the building was used for meetings by foreigners. It has been dated to the 5th...
Pyramid-shaped tomb in Japan - Asuka

The discovery of a pyramid-shaped tomb in Japan that adds to mystery in Asuka

Several months ago, archaeologists in Japan discovered that a large mound in the village of Asuka in Nara Prefecture contains a pyramid-shaped tomb underneath. According to a report in the Japan...