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Libraries of ancient wisdom that helped shape our understanding of the world. Source:  tilialucida/Adobe Stock

Halls of Ancient Wisdom: 7 Remarkable Ancient Libraries

Throughout history, some of the world’s most powerful rulers have acknowledged one simple fact, knowledge is power. This fact led them to build monumental testaments to the pursuit of knowledge and...
Temple of Bel, an ancient temple in Palmyra, Syria. The temple was destroyed by ISIS in 2015. Source: Janos/Adobe Stock

History Erased: The 6 Most Heartbreaking Archaeological Destructions

Have you ever wondered how the destruction of our past affects our future? World history is full of incredible stories of innovation, achievement, and triumph, but it is also full of tales of...
Students studying at Nalanda University, India. Source: Amith / Adobe Stock.

1500-Year-Old Nalanda University Makes a Comeback (Video)

Founded over 1,500 years ago, Nalanda University in India is widely regarded as the world's first residential university , predating even Oxford University by more than 500 years. During its heyday,...
Nalanda University                         Source: disha / Adobe Stock

Nalanda, Ancient University Opens to International Students Again

India is a religiously diverse nation and has many important archaeological sites associated with Hinduism, Sikhism, Jainism, and Islam, to mention a few. When Buddhism was founded more than 2,500...
Ancient Nalanda University

Ancient Nalanda University resumes today after 800 year break

Nalanda University was an ancient centre of learning in India, and among the first great universities in recorded history, predating such institutions of higher learning like Al-Azhar in Egypt (10th...