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From the Old Colosseum, by Valdemar Irminger. Source: Public domain

Most Popular Ancient Origins Articles of 2022

We’ve shared what we thought the most impressive finds of the year, and now we will share those articles which really caught our readers interest this this year. Here we have the top 10 most popular...

Top Stories This Week: Child Snatchers, Haunted Mirrors & A Pharaoh’s True Face

In this top story overview, we highlight our most read articles this week, including a look at the Erkling, a strange mythical snatcher of children, and the fascinating mythology and superstitions...
There is a myriad of mythology surrounding mirrors. Source: MiaStendal / Adobe Stock

Haunted Mirrors, Bloody Mary and Superstitious Mirror Mythology

A particular genre of mythology has formed around mirrors, made up of traditions and superstitions within cultures throughout the world. Researchers have tried to get to the bottom of these legends,...
Mirror magic, fortune telling and fulfillment of desires. Fantasy with a mirror, dark room, magical power, night view. (MiaStendal /Adobe Stock)

The Measure Of Ancient Mirrors: Planispheres, Phenakistoscopes And Telescopes

In some early texts concerning long-distance viewing, the term ‘mirror’ is used, but not as a device for simple reflection. Instead, the mirror takes on other powers, and the term seems to serve as...
 Inside Shah Cheragh.

Shah Cheragh and The Dazzling Dome of Mirrors

Shah Cheragh is a religious monument located in Shiraz, the capital of the Fars Province in the southern part of Iran. The story of its founding and its awe-inspiring decoration have made it one of...
Magic Mirror - Japan

The magic mirror of shaman Queen used in ancient Japanese rituals

An experiment conduced earlier this year on a replica of an ancient bronze mirror held at Kyoto’s National Museum revealed that the original may have been used as a so-called magic mirror to conjure...