Nan Madol: Ceremonial Center of the Eastern Micronesia: Pohnpei Island.

Nan Madol: The Mysterious Ancient Coral Reef City

Nan Madol is the only ancient city ever built upon a coral reef. It is comprised of a set of almost 100 stone and coral filled platforms atop artificial islands separated by narrow channels and...
Statue of Chief Gadao

Gadao’s Cave, Guam: The Rock Art, The Chief, The Legends

There are many unique cultures with long, fascinating histories in the Pacific Islands and the small island of Guam is a prime example. One of the most renowned sites in the island is Gadao’s cave...
Typical fragment of a wall, Lelu Ruins, Kosrae

Coral Tombs Housed Royal Micronesians 700 years ago

Centuries ago on the island of Kosrae in the central Pacific Ocean, islanders cleaned their deceased kings’ bodies, anointed them and then buried them in temporary coral tombs for three months only...
Megalithic Money - Yap Micronesia

The Megalithic Money of Yap

The tiny island of Yap in the western Pacific holds a strange attraction for economists, because it cuts to the heart of a very basic question “what is money?” For centuries the Yap islanders have...
Nan Madol

The mysterious ancient coral reef city of Nan Madol

Off the island of Pohnpei in Micronesia, lies the ancient city of Nan Madol, the only ancient city ever built upon a coral reef. Comprising a set of almost 100 stone and coral fill platforms atop...