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Outside; Virgin Mary and Skull rosary bead, the star of the PAS 2022 Annual report launch. Center; Source: Portable Antiquities Scheme

UK Declared a Land Full of Hidden Treasure By British Museum

While Caroline Nunneley was exploring the Thames' shores in London, meticulously searching the mud on all fours for archaeological treasures, she encountered an unexpected find: a small, intricately...
Roman hoard of pewter items from the Euston find site in Suffolk. Source: Suffolk County Council

Metal Detecting Event Uncovers Significant Roman Hoard in UK

A ‘significant hoard’ of Roman items discovered in England last year by an amateur detectorist has gone on display, much to the delight of history enthusiasts and archaeologists involved in the dig...
The Baby Buddha statue found in Shark Bay Australia.	Source: Finn Films

Ming Dynasty Baby Buddha Statue Questions Australian History

Two filmmakers detected a rare Ming Dynasty Buddha in Australia, which could “rewrite history.” Some thought it an elaborate hoax, but experts have now verified the honesty of the finders. Back in...
The Roman earring found by Nick Bateman. Source: Nick Bateman

Detectorist Strikes Roman Gold in England

When this English metal detectorist realized that he hadn’t dug up a metal top, but an ancient Roman gold earring, he “sank to his knees in disbelief”. After many unfruitful searches, 53 -year-old...
Lady Brook’s medieval gold ring, up for auction at Noonans Mayfair. Source: Noonans

Metal Detected Medieval ‘Love Ring’ Might Fetch Over $40K

An English metal detectorist has unearthed a medieval “love ring” made of gold and diamonds. With its noble heritage known, this rare golden artifact has been valued at a show-stopping $40,000...
The silver artifact, dubbed a “paranormal paracetamol,” may date back to the reign of Roman Emperor Constantine. Source: Peter Beasley.

Detectorists Find “Paranormal Paracetamol” in Fossilized Human Waste

A pair of metal detectorists in England have made the rare discovery of a solid silver Roman oddity dating back to the time of Roman Emperor Constantine (306 to 337 AD), remembered for making...
Rock crystal jar from the Galloway Hoard

Galloway Hoard Restoration Reveals More Surprising Secrets

Researchers have revealed that what is perhaps Europe’s most famous Viking Age hoard – the Galloway Hoard – was not a rapidly concealed family treasure being hidden from invaders. Rather, it was a...
Some of the 14000 Roman and Gallic coins that were found at Patrice T’s home in Belgium that he claims he “legally” discovered in his Flanders field. Evidence clearly suggests that he stole these illegal artifacts from French soil and that’s illegal!       Source: Agentschap Onroerend Erfgoed

French Treasure Hunter Caught With 27000 Illegal Artifacts In Belgium!

A French treasure hunter identified only as “Patrice T” is accused of being among the greatest archaeological criminals in European history after being arrested with over 27,000 ancient illegal...
Scottish Metal Detectorist Unearths Rare Medieval Knife

Metal Detectorist In Scotland Unearths Rare Medieval Knife

Metal detectorists dream of finding something of real historic value. One lucky detectorist in Scotland has made an astonishing find. He has found a very rare and beautifuly decorated early medieval...
1983 Cadbury’s Gold Egg Treasure

Cadbury’s Chocolate Blasted For Sponsoring Archaeological Vandalism

In 1985, Cadbury chocolatiers encouraged the British public to trespass and dig on protected archaeological sites in an advertising campaign known as the ‘Creme Egg Scandal’ which caused a number of...
The ring, engraved with St George, was found in a field near in Yorkshire.

Amateur Treasure Hunter Will Make Thousands of Dollars from a Medieval Gold Ring

An amateur treasure hunter has made an exciting discovery in the East Riding of Yorkshire, England. The young man unearthed an engraved 20-carat gold ring dating to the medieval period. The find may...