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The ring found inn Jutland, Denmark whispers of unknown royalty from the Source: The National Museum Denmark

Gold Ring Hints At Unknown Royalty and an Alliance with the Kingdom of France

A metal detecting enthusiast has found a rare gold ring, which may reveal a new, unknown princely family in Denmark, which had close connections to the European great power of the time. The ring was...
Photo of the Frankish warrior's grave and his weapons.	Source: City of Ingelheim (Christoph Bassler)

‘Armed to the Teeth’ Frankish Warrior's Untouched Grave Found

In a discovery that has left historians and archaeologists astonished, a completely untouched grave from the Merovingian period was uncovered in Germany. Hidden among other graves that were plundered...
5 gold foil pieces found in the dig in Norway. Right; Kathrine Stene, the archaeologist and project leader, proudly displays one of the five newly unearthed gold foil pieces.  Source: Nicolai Eckhoff/Facebook

Enigmatic Gold Foil Pieces Found in Norway Link to 1400-Year-Old Temple

A treasure trove of 5 gold foil pieces, the size of fingernails, have been found near the roadside in southeast Norway, dated to 1,400 years ago. Described as not getting “more spectacular than this...
Reconstruction of an Iron Age Nordic warrior’s burial. Two rich warrior graves in Sweden also included down duvets!

Norse Warrior Took Comfy Duvet (and a Beheaded Owl) to the Afterlife

The Valsgärde burial field near Uppsala in Sweden is known for its magnificent boat graves from the 600s and 700s AD. Archaeologists have identified more than 90 graves from the Iron Age, but two...
The Carolingian dynasty’s victory at the Battle of Tours is considered a turning point in European history. Source: Bender235 / Public Domain.

The Carolingian Dynasty - Puppeteer Rulers In Early Medieval Europe

The Carolingian dynasty was a Frankish noble family that rose to power during the 8th century AD. Under the Merovingians , the Carolingians obtained the office of mayor of the palace. As the...
Frédégonde armant les meurtriers de Sigebert (Fredegund and the assassins of Sigebert) by Emmanuel Herman Joseph Wallet

The Violent Life of Fredegund: Was She a Queen, a Murderess or a Woman Intent on Survival?

Fredegund (545 - 597 CE), the queen consort of Chilperic I - the Merovingian Frankish king of Soissons, has a reputation of being one of the most bloodthirsty and sadistic women in history. Accounts...
Gold miniature amulet (front and back) from the Åker farm in Hamar, Eastern Norway: Both male and female are depicted without hair, something that is unusual. (Photo: Vegard Vike and Jessica McGraw / Museum of Cultural History, Oslo)

Old Norse Mystery: What Do the Couples Depicted on Thousands of Miniature Gold Amulets Symbolize?

By ThorNews In 2016, a miniature amulet made of gold was discovered on the Åker farm near Hamar in Eastern Norway – one of many thousands only found in Scandinavia. About three thousand Old Norse...
The Commanding Clovis I: King of the Merovingian Dynasty and Founder of France

The Commanding Clovis I: King of the Merovingian Dynasty and Founder of France

Clovis I was the second king of the Merovingian Dynasty, and its first ruler to unite all the Franks in the region of Gaul under Merovingian rule. Due to this achievement, Clovis is often regarded as...
Researchers Unlock the Mystery of the Mummified Lung of a Merovingian Queen

Researchers Unlock the Mystery of the Mummified Lung of a Merovingian Queen

In 1959, an inexplicably well-preserved lung was found in a stone sarcophagus in the Basilica of St. Denis, Paris, France. Since then, researchers have often wondered just how the lung of the 6th...
300 burials in ancient Merovingian necropolis

Archaeologists discover 300 burials in ancient Merovingian necropolis

Archaeologists carrying out excavations at a site in Saint-Aubin-des-Champs in France have uncovered an ancient Merovingian necropolis dating back to the 5 th -7 th centuries AD, according to a...