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Skeletal Remains at Five Mile Lane near Barry in Wales. Source: Rubicon Heritage Services Ltd

Elite Roman Soldier Buried Face Down May Have Been Shackled

In 2022, a group of workers undertaking road improvements in Wales chanced upon the remains of a Roman soldier buried with his sword and regalia. But something was odd about this burial – the Roman...
An assassin holding a falchion sword. Source: jaysen / Adobe Stock.

Blood on the Blade: The Deadly Efficiency of the Falchion (Video)

In the realm of medieval weaponry, few weapons were as brutally efficient as the falchion . A curved sword with a wide blade that tapered towards the tip, the falchion was designed to deliver maximum...
Anna Hyatt Huntington's El Cid statue at Audubon Terrace in front of the Hispanic Society Library in New York City. Source: Brocken Inaglory / CC BY-SA 3.0

El Cid: Christian Champion or Mercenary for the Moors?

Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar, more commonly known as El Cid, was an 11 th century Spanish knight, military leader and mercenary. This larger-than-life-figure is celebrated as a champion of Christianity...
Eustace the Monk: Talented Pirate For The French And The English

Eustace the Monk: Talented Pirate For The French And The English

Eustace the Monk was a notorious pirate who operated in the English Channel during the early 13th century AD. As indicated by his title, Eustace had been a monk, though he was also involved in other...
Representation of Norse-Gael (Gallowglass) warriors in battle.          Source: PatSM / Adobe stock

Gallowglass Mercenaries – The Notorious Norse-Gael Soldiers of Fortune

The turbulent history of medieval Europe always called for abled and skilled warriors. Wars and battles depended on the ability of the soldiers, and a man who was skilled with a sword was a sought-...
Representative image of highlander sword.   Source: Marko Stamatovic/ Adobe Stock

Highlander Sword Found in a Garage is Sold for a Fortune

Most of us when we are cleaning out our garage only find garbage, perhaps some old, forgotten items, but nothing ancient. One lucky man in Britain found a highlander sword which is up to 600 years...