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An assassin holding a falchion sword. Source: jaysen / Adobe Stock.

Blood on the Blade: The Deadly Efficiency of the Falchion (Video)


In the realm of medieval weaponry, few weapons were as brutally efficient as the falchion. A curved sword with a wide blade that tapered towards the tip, the falchion was designed to deliver maximum damage with each strike. It was a weapon that struck fear into the hearts of soldiers and civilians alike, as it was known for its ability to slice through armor, shields, and bones with ease. The falchion was a favored weapon of mercenaries and foot soldiers throughout Europe, and was often used in close-quarter combat.

But what was it really like to wield such a formidable weapon? From examining the experiences of the medieval warriors who wielded this deadly weapon we can learn a lot about its unique characteristics and what made it so effective.

Top image: An assassin holding a falchion sword. Source: jaysen / Adobe Stock.

By Robbie Mitchell



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It was probably used to cut down grain straw.

Nobody gets paid to tell the truth.

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