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medieval Europe

Medieval Mass battle ( AIGen/ Adobe Stock)

Grand Alliances: The Anglo-French War 1294 – 1303

In 1294, after almost 30 years of peace, England and France went to war. This sowed the seeds of the conflict known as the Hundred Years War, the era of the longbow and the famous Battles of Crécy...
Homage of King Edward I (kneeling) to Philip IV (seated). As Duke of Aquitaine, Edward was a vassal to the French king, by Jean Fouquet (15th century) (Public Domain)

Clash Of Kings: England’s Edward Longshanks Versus France’s Philip The Fair

The Anglo-French war of 1294-1303 has not been the subject of a major study since the early 1900s. Recent histories tend to treat it as a sideshow compared to King Edward I’s wars in Wales and...
A meat and vegetable stew in a black cauldron cooking over an open fire. Source: Sunshower Shots/Adobe Stock

What Exactly Was Medieval Cuisine Like? (Video)

In the heart of Farleigh Hungerford's medieval castle , Chef Steve Ruddell revives ancient recipes, unveiling the rich tapestry of medieval cuisine . His gastronomic journey commences with a...
Representation of woman smelling a new perfume scent in an ancient perfumery lab.	Source: razoomanetu/Adobe Stock

The Fragrant Ancient History of Perfume (Video)

The history of perfume is a fragrant odyssey, transcending its contemporary role in hygiene. In ancient Egypt, perfumes were divine creations, with Nefertem, the god of the sunrise, overseeing scents...
Plague epidemic. Source: Matrioshka / Adobe Stock.

From Horror to Hope: Surviving the Black Plague (Video)

The Black Death , a pandemic that ravaged humanity in the Middle Ages, left a harrowing mark on history. Millions of people succumbed to the plague, and nearly half of Europe's population perished...
Medieval peasant. Source: master1305 / Adobe Stock.

What did Medieval Peasants Eat? (Video)

Picture a medieval knight , weary from a long day's ride on his trusty steed, arriving at a humble roadside inn. As he dismounts and enters the rustic establishment, he's greeted by the aromas of...
Medieval Colonialism: The Danish Duchy Of Estonia

Medieval Colonialism: The Danish Duchy Of Estonia

Within the pantheon of great empires, the Kingdom of Denmark has received very little attention, yet this small European civilization was one the most enterprising of its day following its...
Ground nutmeg, used through history as powerful drug. Source: oksix / Adobe Stock

Nutmeg Poisoning: A Deadly Addition to the Kitchen Cabinet?

A low-cost, high-risk drug hiding in plain sight – in your kitchen cabinet! This is a highly aromatic spice that can change the trajectory of your food, and is sometimes used as a healing agent in...
How Agnes Bowker Gave Birth to a Cat and the Wild Trial

How Agnes Bowker Gave Birth to a Cat and the Wild Trial

On January 17 th , 1569, the simple, unwed house servant Agnes Bowker of Market Harborough, England, was in the throes of giving birth to a secret child. By her side were the midwives Margaret Roose...